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Wine, Politics and Fall Elections

When I was in college I enjoyed learning about politics. In fact I majored in Political Science and was a summer intern on Capitol Hill. All those years ago, I was impressed with the Congressman I worked for and what I was doing in his office. Frequently there were messages from constituents who asked for help and the staff would work on solving the issue or providing information to help. Yes, I was young and idealistic. I knew what politics historically had been like and believed it had changed for the better.

As years have passed and I see politicians on both sides of the aisle distort their records and mislead voters, I have become dissatisfied and wonder why I ever thought politicians would work for the constituents. I even believed that “common sense” was applicable to all issues and that’s what politicians should focus on concerning legislation. Today I’ve turned 180 degrees and am convinced that politicians are only concerned with voting for legislation that will keep them in office. Of course staying in office also requires money and it appears that politicians are more than willing to accept donations from lobbyists for their election campaigns.

In Maryland direct  wine shipping foes are providing money to help politicians win elections. How will the majority of these politicians vote? Just look at their past records. For more information about politics and wine in Maryland visit Maryland Wine and Maryland for Better Beer & Wine Laws.

As far as the fall elections go, yes I’ll definitely vote but I will study what the candidates say now in comparison with their past actions. Learn about your politicians so you can Vote Smart!

Cheers! Kathy

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