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Cecchetti Wine Company

According to a recent article on the Wine Business website, “Cecchetti Wine Co Partners with Chile’s Aresti Family to Launch Broadway Wine Partners,” the Cecchetti Wine Company is partnering with a Chilean family, the Aresti family, to create Broadway Wine Partners. This business will be located in Sonoma County. In addition, to Cecchetti’s current brands of […]

Do “We the People” Need Another Government Law?

This past week another alcohol bill has been introduced into Congress. I don’t know about you but we have way too many laws about things that help special interests and don’t help the people who elected government officials are suppose to represent. While I’m not an attorney, I believe this new bill introduced into Congress […]

Name and Wine Conflicts

We are a litigious society. However, the 99 percent of the winemakers and owners we have met are wonderful people and I feel fortunate to have met them and wish them all well. I was disappointed when I read a press release about a conflict between two companies over a name. A winery in California […]

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