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Will Maryland Legislators Once again Vote to Keep Maryland Below Average?

Maryland legislators will once again vote on a direct shipping bill. The bill comes up every year and has trouble making it out of the committee. In Maryland, Maryland wineries as well as wineries throughout the world may not ship wine to Maryland residents. Why do I consider this below average? Because 60 percent of […]

Maryland’s House Bill 716 – Direct Wine Shipping

Yesterday I wrote about the direct shipping bill in Maryland. This week is very important and anyone can submit written testimony on the bill. Written testimony must be received by Thursday at 12pm. No matter what state you live in, if you are experiencing successes with direct shipping please add your support to the proponents […]

Direct Wine Shipping Testimony Needed in Maryland

This week is very important for Maryland consumers. On Friday, March 5, the Maryland House will be listening to testimony regarding direct shipping of wine. Written testimony and oral testimony are acceptable. To find out the details and how you can help go to Marylanders for Better Beer & Wine Laws or contact their Legislative […]

Support Direct Wine Shipping in Maryland

Stores throughout the country are allowed to ship thousands of goods directly to consumers. Think about it. Televisions, computers, potato chips, chocolates, books…. As you know the list can just go on and on. Look at all that Amazon offers consumers. As a long time resident of Maryland, I have been waiting and waiting to […]

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