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Earthquake hits in former footsteps

It was just three months ago that we traveled to New Zealand to tour wineries. Our last few days there were in Christchurch.  By the end of November, much of the destruction from a September earthquake had been cleaned up. We only noticed some open space where a building once stood and a building or two under renovations. We walked the streets in the downtown area not worrying about earthquakes. Then the news of today revealed massive damage in the area close to where we stayed and walked.

A 6.3 magnitude earthquake shook buildings, trapped people and destroyed property. The death toll rose to above 60. The photo shows the tower and spire of Christchurch Cathedral, the spire no longer exists and rubble covers the walkways below the tower. Google has a map of Christchurch. They have blue balloons identifying buildings that have major damage. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza, just blocks away from several damaged buildings. Photos detailing more destruction are available on various news websites.

Decanter.com ran an article titled “Earthquake spares Canterbury wine industry.” The wineries and vineyards contacted were not reporting damage, although they felt the quake.

We are glad that the wineries have been spared but our hearts go out to all those in New Zealand who we met during our travels and all those we were unable to meet. We wish them all the best and our prayers.

Terry & Kathy

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