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International Wine Tourism Conference in 2013

Tourism agents and travel wine specialists will want to consider attending the International Wine Tourism Conference in Croatia in 2013. Croatia is in the region associated with the birthplace of wine.

The 2013 IWINETC Conference takes place March 15 – 17. The conference will be held at Zagreb’s Regent Esplanade, a five star hotel. The program includes talks, workshops, panel discussions and symposiums.

IWINETC is a yearly conference focusing on the wine and tourism industry. Presentations can include a variety of topics but all evolve around wine, tourism and the connection between the two.

Those who are fortunate enough to attend an IWINETC familiarization tour will enjoy learning about the culture of the area including visiting local wineries, eating local foods and learning local history.

Having attended our first IWINETC Conference in 2012 held in Perugia, Italy, we participated in the blogger/media familiarization tour. It was one of the finest conferences and tours we have had access to. We hope to be included in the 2013 IWINETC Conference. As it is we are already planning presentations for the 2013 conference. After visiting 800 wineries, talking with many winemakers and viticulturists, and making our own wine, we have an atypical viewpoint of wine travel.

Registrations are being accepted online. An early bird special is available.

IWINETC is searching for people to speak at the conference. If you would like to present at the conference in Croatia, visit the Call for Papers online page.

Organizations who would like to be sponsors of the IWINETC should check this link.

Cheers, Kathy and Terry

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