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Social Media Session at DrinkLocalWine Conference

The second session of the DrinkLocalWine Conference focused on social media – “Social media: How regional wineries can get the word out.” Jeff Siegel, the Wine Curmudgeon; Jennifer Breaux Blosser, Breaux Vineyards; Lenn Thomson, New York Cork Report were the panelists. Michel Wangbicker was the moderator. Social media allows people to find the regional wines that are out there and not making it on wine point lists. Lenn commented that social media fills in the spaces. When people go to the grocery store or wine shops all they see are bottles and numbers. Jennifer commented,  “With social media we can reach people who have chosen to meet us.” A long discussion included print media versus social media. Question: How many tweets are too many? No definite answer because it depends on the circumstances.

Facebook is about who you know; Twitter is about what you know.

Social media is “free” but there is a time cost to social media. Social media has to be embraced and made a priority. Social media allows you to have a direct connection with the consumer. Don’t make it feel forced, actually engage people.

Social media is not going away, it’s easy to use so start using it to let people know about your winery.

Cheers! Kathy

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