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Goretti Winery
Terry Sullivan

GorettiSummary: Visit an innovative winery just outside Perugia. The Goretti tasting room is in a 12th century castle. While visiting, wine enthusiasts can indulge in wine therapy. Travelers can visit for the wine and depart with wonderful memories.

In the 1960s both the Goretti Gisberto agricultural company and the Goretti winery formed. In 1992 the two companies separated with the Goretti Gisberto agricultural company taking care of the vineyards and the Goretti winery taking care of the winemaking process.


There are eight sections of vineyards split into four families including Trebbio, San Lorenzino, Pino and Fontanelle. Varieties include Sagrantino, Sangiovese, Trebbiano, Merlot e Ciliegiolo, Chardonnay and Grechetto. The vineyards are located in an area classified as DOC Colli Perugini and an area designated as Montefalco DOCG where the Sagrantino di Montefalco are produced.

We met Sara Goretti, winemaker and company spokesperson. Sara gave us a tour of the retail area and the winery tasting facility.

Retail Shop and Winery Tasting Room

The wineries produce about 360,000 bottles of wine (30,000 cases) annually. We visited the winery just outside Perugia. The winery tasting room is in a castle. The retail shop is just a few steps across from the castle.

GorettiOur group met in the retail shop first where we noticed gleaming stainless steel machines reminiscent of expensive gasoline pumps. However, these machines are used to dispense wine. Customers bring containers to fill with different Goretti wines. Containers vary in size and shape from 5 liters to 54 liters. Those filling larger vessels often bottle the wine and place their own label on it. Fifty-four liters will fill
72 bottles or six cases of wine.

GorettiAlong the wall of the retail shop, wood cases display bottles of wine. An interesting bottle label is on the Il Moggio wine. This white wine is made from the Grechetto grape. The name on the label changes color to indicate the temperature of the wine, an effective way to help consumers know when the wine is at the correct temperature to drink. The retail shop has a vast array of gift baskets making holiday and special occasion gift giving easy.

Near the door to the retail shop there is a display of wine therapy products. A line of products are available for the skin. The creams and cosmetics are made from grape leaves and grape seeds. The theory behind wine therapy is the polyphenols associated with grapes. Applied to the skin, these polyphenols help detoxify the skin and stimulate circulation. Some of the products include a grape facial cleanser, grape skin tonic, wine soap, a vitis vinifera day time moisturizer and many others.

GorettiA dedicated wine tasting room is in a 12th century castle. Upon entering the castle, we were greeted with an array of wines to taste and appetizers to enjoy. The castle also houses wine therapy rooms. On the ground floor of the tower, visitors can view a movie about Goretti Winery. In this room, look at the unusual chairs. These chairs were made from the cardboard from wine bottle cases, a wonderful recycling idea. The chairs were decorative and solid.

The tasting room was set up with different foods common to the Umbria area. We paired the foods with Goretti wines. It was a magical moment.

GorettiOur first wine was a Frizzante. This sparkling wine was made from Chardonnay grapes. Its clean refreshing taste was palate cleansing and was a nice introduction to the wine to follow.

The tasting notes follow a form of poetry for those who appreciate haiku:

The 2011 Grechetto was a straw colored wine that had a floral aroma and a hint of citrus. The finish was crisp and fruity.

Grechetto white wine
Give flowers to yor tru love
Happy memories.

The 2008 Il Moggio was a barrel aged Grechetto. There was a gentle oak influence on the wine. Haiku:

Il Maggio white,
Gently oaked Grechetto wine.
Calling sunshined slopes.

The 2006 L’Arringatore Colli Perugini, was a Sangiovese, Merlot and Celeageola blend. Haiku:

Cherry sensation
L’Arringatore red
Winds kissing the fruit.

Sagrantino di Montefalco, 2005, was a dark ruby colored wine that had abundant red fruit and big tannins. Haiku:

Tannins quickly pounce,
Sagrantino welcomes me.
Amore ready.

GorettiWe have tasted grappa for several years. Thus far the best grappa we tasted was made in Italy. Sara Goretti brought out three grappas for our group to taste. The Grappa de L'Arringatore was a golden amber color. It was made from distilling the moist pomace of the Sangiovese, Merlot and Ciliegiolo grape varieties. One first notices the fruit prior to the heat. But the most interesting attribute was the extremely long aftertaste. A floral and fruit taste lingered. Some of the members of our group that tried the grappa still had the aftertaste once we returned to the hotel, a half hour later. This has become our favorite grappa.

Goretti winery offers the wine traveler the romance associated with wine. Discover the wines and wine therapy products. Experience wine tasting in a 12th century castle and sit in a recycled cardboard chair.

Agricola Goretti
Produzione Vini s.r.l.
Strada del Pino, 4-06132 - Pila - Pg

February 10, 2012



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