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The Many Flavours of Italy

The Many Flavours of Italy was a wine tasting at the International Wine Tourism Conference conducted by Jane Hunt, MW. Rather than traditional wine writing notes, I decided to write haiku, a form of verse that requires one to count syllables. The first and third lines contain five syllables each while the second line contains seven syllables. With only 17 total syllables one has to tell about a wine.

Scacciadiavoli Rosè Brut Metodo Classico from Scacciadiavoli:

Sagrantino sparks
Tamer than a still Sagran
Crisp can drink all day

Colle Imperatrice from the Cantine Astroni:

Falanghina white
Earth, mineral, a rainfall
Crisp with aftertaste

Terre Vineate from the Palazzone:

Terre Vineate
Now peach orchard memories
Calls for summer days

Decugnano Il Bianco from the Decugnano dei Barbi.

Decugnano white
Lemon grass Decugnano
Reminds of NZ

Sucano  from the Madonna del Latte

Sucano veggies
Cab Franc eighty percent blend
Autumn cows grazing 

L’Arringatore from the Goretti

Goretti red wine
L’Arringatore blend
Tannins and dark fruit

Rubesco Vigna Monticchio from the Cantine Giorgio Lungarotti srl

L’Andrea red
Fruity with major tannins
Needs food. Where’s dinner?

Montegauro from the Cantine Grotta del Sole

Montegauro red
Tannins thinking of hillsides
More food is needed 

Turriga from the Cantine Argiolas

Sardinia wine
Turriga super tannins
I will drink it all.

Pago Dei Fusi from the Terredora

Pago Dei Fusi
Capagna with big tannins
Deffinately food

Montefalco Sagrantino from the Azienda Agraria Perticaia

Sagrantino yum
Powerful red drink all day
Need no dump bucket

Chiusa di Pannone from the Antonelli San Marco

Sagrantino red
Antonelli San Marco
Delicious red wine

25 Anni Montefalco Sagrantino from the Arnaldo Caprai

Twenty-five anni
Caprai Sagrantino red
Outragious tannins 

Picolit from the Aquila del Torre

Picolit dessert
Following Sagrantino
Need a sweet wine now


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