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Evening Dinner Wines FAM Day 1

I recall the advice from Eric Asimov at the 2011 Wine Bloggers Conference in Virginia. Mr. Asimov suggested that wine writers change the way they write about wine. Don’t use terms such as “hints” or “nuances.” So at the time, when challenged to be creative, I decided to write haiku instead of a more traditional wine description. My first discovery was that the restriction of using 17 syllables works perfectly for writing about a wine on Twitter. After writing one or two haikus, I was able to speed up and write quicker.

At last evening’s dinner, we tried a few wines from Umbria.

2010 Corbora PodereIl Caio  haiku

Umbrian white wine
Malvasia, Grechetto
Grassy, lemony finish

2008 Elicius Umbria Rosso  haiku

Elicius Rosso
Leather, licorice, dark fruit
Tannins, crisp finish

2007 Marciliano Falesco  haiku

Fruity, leather, licorice
Silky tannin wine

2007 Palazone Muffa Nobilis  haiku

Golden dessert wine
Honeysuckle floral hints
Flowers in the mouth

Oops, I did manage to get the word “hints” in one of the haikus. However I needed a one-syllable word.


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