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Wine Tourism Club

Wine Tourism ClubWhat Is the Wine Tourism Club?

Often when we visit winery or vineyard tasting room we talk with other visitors. They usually inform us they have visited many tasting rooms. We decided to create a club for people who enjoy winery and vineyard tourism. Membership in the Winery Tourism Club is free. Download the application, complete the application and send it to Wine Trail Traveler LLC. You will receive a membership certificate.

Once you receive your certificate, post it in your wine cellar for bragging rights or hang it in your home or office. Achieving the different membership levels is an entertaining goal for wine enthusiasts, especially couples.

This club is for people who enjoy traveling to wine regions and visiting tasting rooms also called cellar doors. It adds a bit of record keeping to your journey; however, can become a fun goal. Use the form record over the years. The club is especially great for couples who enjoy the romance associated with wine tourism.


Membership in the Wine Tourism Club is free.


1. The membership levels can be goal driven. Set a goal for yourself and track your winery visits on the application.
2. Bragging rights: as you advance on the levels you can certainly let you friends and family know. There are very few people in the world that will have visited several hundred wineries.

The Numbers

Membership is open to everyone who enjoys traveling to winery and vineyard tasting rooms. When you first start your journey, you are at the Pioneer Level of membership. The Pioneer Level is for wine travelers who are working on their application and have visited 1 to 99 wineries. If you would like us to count you as a member working on the Pioneer Level, send us an email (winetourismclub@winetrailtraveler.com) with your name and a short note about the number of wineries you have already visited. You can go back and record previously visited wineries and vineyards on the application.

You can obtain your first membership certificate in the Wine Tourism Club with 100 visits to 100 different wineries. At the 100 level you will receive a certificate for membership at the Pathfinder Level. Your journey can continue as you travel to additional wine regions.

# of wineries/vineyards visited Membership Level Certificate
1 - 99 Pioneer  
100 Pathfinder X
200 Voyager X
300 Wayfarer X
400 Crusader X
500 Globetrotter X

The Application

On the application, just fill in the date of the visit and the winery’s or vineyard’s name. We do not keep any information about you when you download the application. You can download the application as a pdf or an Excel document. The pdf is handy if you want to print the application. You can download the Excel file and fill out the application on your computer. Once you have visited 100 wineries and vineyards, email us the document or send a copy of the printed document in the mail.

pdf application

Excel file application













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