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Country: Italy, Umbria
Location: near Perugia

Plan Your Trip to: Wineries near Perugia.

Umbria is the land where saits walked. Grape growing and winemaking is traced back thousands of years ago to the time of the Etruscans. Later Roman and Greek winemakers sent wines to Rome and as far away as Mesopotamia. Winding roads and beautiful country side award the wine enthusiast. Discover the wines of Umbria on this two day itinerary that includes five wineries and a wine museum. Within walking distance of the wine museum there is the Olive and Oil Museum.

Day 1

First Stop:
Travel to Arnalso Caprai (A)
Località Torre
06036 Montefalco Perugia
Tel. 0742 378802

Second Stop:
Travel to Lungarotti Winery (B)
Via Mario Angeloni, 16
06089 Torgiano Perugia
Tel. 075 988661

Third Stop:
Travel to Museo del Vino (C)
Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 31
06089 Torgiano Perugia
Tel. 39 075 9880200

Day 2

First Stop:
Travel to Agricola Goretti (D)
Strada del Pino, 4
06132 - Pila - Perugia
Tel +39.075.607316

Second Stop:
Travel to Terre Margaritelli (E)
Località Miralduolo
06089 Torgiano Perugia
Tel: 075 7824668

Third Stop:
Travel to Tili Vini (F)
Via Cannella, 2
06081 Assisi Perugia
Tel. 39 075 8064370

Other Attractions

Museo dell’Olivo e dell’Olio near (C) on the map
Via Garibaldi, 10
06089 Torgiano Perugia
Tel. 39 075 9880300

Lodging Options

Hotel Al Grappolo d’Oro (W)
Via Principe Umberto, 24
06089 Torgiano Perugia
Tel. 39 075 982253

Hotel Giò (X)
via Ruggero D'Andreotto, 19
06100 Perugia (PG)
Tel. 39 075 5731100




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