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Romance at the Winery February is a month for romance. What better environment for romance than a winery and vineyard? Some wineries provide great experiences for romantic situations such as proposals, weddings, anniversaries and dates. Check this month's podcast for some romantic ideas.

In Search of Icewine While historically winemakers have produced wine from frozen grapes, Canada has brought Icewine to perfection. Canadian regulations are strict. To qualify as an Icewine, the grapes must be picked at -8 degrees Celsius (17 degrees Fahrenheit.) Most grapes are handpicked. Icewine is time consuming and due to the nature of the process, each grape provides very little juice. Many winemakers consider grapes frozen in the vineyard to be a step above ice wine produced by artificially freezing the grapes after harvest. It is understandable that the price of a bottle of Icewine is significantly more than a typical red or white wine. However, an Icewine served as dessert is a delightful experience. Enjoy the podcast!

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