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State: Tennessee
Location: Manchester

Plan Your Day Trip to a Winery and Distilleries

This day trip itinerary includes one winery and two distilleries. Since the distilleries are located within a dry county, there are no whisky tastings. They are, however, interesting to visit to understand the process of making Tennessee whisky and compairing it to winemaking.

Day Trip

First Stop:
Travel to Beans Creek Winery (A)
426 Ragsdale Road
Manchester, Tennessee 37355
Wine Trail Traveler article.

Second Stop:
Travel to George A Dickel Distilling Co‎ (B)
1950 Cascade Hollow Road
Normandy, TN 37360
Wine Trail Traveler article.

Third Stop:
Travel to Jack Daniel Distillery (C)
182 Lynchburg Highway,
Lynchburg, Tennessee 37352
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