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Wine Glossary        -        “an easy to use layman’s guide”

This glossary is a selection of wine related terms which are fun to know but no one should feel it a necessity to know these words in order to enjoy a nice glass of wine.
Watch for new updates.

fermentation: The process where yeast converts sugar into alcohol

filter: A winemaker filters a wine to remove particles and help make the wine clearer. Often filtering is done before bottling the wine.

fining: A process whereby a substance is added to the wine to clarify the wine. The substance has particles adhere to it and then falls to the bottom of the container. The result is a clear wine without sediment.

finish: After you swallow or spit the wine, the finish is the last flavor you notice. Writers often describe the finish by using a time period such as " short finish" or "a long finish." After swalling or spitting, the flavor main remain for a short time or a longer time. A long finish is often associated with a quality wine.

fruit wines: a wine produced from fruit such as: apples, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and more. Some of these fruit wines are produced from 100% fruit while others use a grape wine for a base and add a fruit flavor to the base wine.

gyropalette: A large grate holding bottles of sparkling wine or champagne. This crate turns to allow riddling to take place.

harvest: The time of year when the grapes are picked by hand or machine. In the northern hemisphere this is typically between August and November. Harvest occurs in the southern hemisphere between February and April.




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