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Wine Glossary        -        “an easy to use layman’s guide”

This glossary is a selection of wine related terms which are fun to know but no one should feel it a necessity to know these words in order to enjoy a nice glass of wine.
Watch for new updates.


umami: The overall experience of the wine including taste aroma etc.

veraison: When grapes are just beginning to show signs of turning color.

vintage: The year the grapes are harvested.

viticulture: The study of growing grapes.
weeping: Just before bud break, a small drop of clear liquid will form where a grape leaf is to emerge

wine enthusiast: One who enjoys wine and is eager to learn more about it.

wine snob: One who believes he or she has a perfect palate and knows “everything” about wine

yeast (commercial): Hundreds of different yeasts are available for winemakers to choose from
            (natural): Yeast naturally occurs in the vineyard and some winemakers rely on naturally occurring to use in fermenting their grapes.




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