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Helpful Hints for Creating the Right Wine Cellar
John Flanagan

Just Wine RacksAny oenophile worth their weight knows that wine can easily be affected by external heat, light, and humidity among other things. Therefore, storage is very important, especially if they are planning on letting a good bottle sit and mature for a long time. This is why wine cellars are an important part of any wine buff’s house. In addition to offering ample storage area, wine cellars also provide the best combination of temperature, humidity, and light conditions for long-term storage. If you’re thinking of creating a wine cellar, you should take ample time to plan things out before you go ahead and start purchasing wine racks. But we’ll go ahead and provide a few tips that should hopefully help you design the wine setup of your dreams!

As mentioned above, the cellar is considered the best location for wine storage because it is cool, damp, and dark. This is essential, as heat and light causes wine to spoil and dryness can cause the cork to crack. The important thing is to make sure to monitor the environment at all times by keeping track of the temperature and humidity and by keeping bottles away from any windows or other light sources. The humidity should be between 70-75% at all times, while the temperature should be no lower than 45°F and no higher than 65°F. The optimal temperature range for a maturing wine is between 50-55°F.

Just Wine RacksWhat you use to store your wine is also extremely important as well. Any good wine rack will provide room for the bottle to lie flat on their back or at an angle so that the cork keeps moist. Because of this, modular wine racks work really well in cellars as they enable the bottles to lie flat. Modular wine racks also work well from a customization angle, because they are designed to link together and are easy to put together. There are also corner wine racks that are available as well. Using these corner racks along with the modular racks give you the ability to use all available wall space. When choosing a wine rack, it is important to take into consideration how many bottles you have and how many you are planning on purchasing in the future.

Beyond that it is largely a matter of choosing the style that best meets your needs. Do you prefer a more traditional, rustic look or would you rather opt for a more modern, bold setup? After all wine cellars should also be about style, even if it is used first for storage purposes. Adding display cases and a wine tasting table can transform your cellar from a storage area to a place fit for entertaining guests.

These are just a few helpful hints in getting your cellar project underway. Even if you don’t have a cellar don’t fret, as there are other options! Wine cabinets are becoming more and more popular these days. They can be climate-controlled to mimic the effects of a cellar. Some are able to hold large quantities of bottles while being used at the same time as an elegant piece of furniture for any dining or living room. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to plan ahead and do the research. Wine is an investment in taste, and only by making sure you are storing properly can you reap the benefits of time.


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