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Fiction Book Reviews

Dial M for Merlot
Author: Howard K
Publisher: Howard K Books
ISBN: 978-0-9904166-0-9
Copyright: 2014
Pages: 343
Reviewed by Kathy Sullivan for Wine Trail Traveler, LLC

Dial M for Merlot is a delightful book of fiction that offers intrigue throughout woven with a thread of wine. Readers will find Dial M for Merlot encompasses a wide range human nature traits. Look for loneliness, love, sex, greed, murder, grandeur, camaraderie and hate.
Just as importantly it was delightful to read a book with wine as one of subjects that the author really understands. For example, “‘I get this intensely extracted black raspberry fruit and a smidgeon of…and I mean this in a good way…tar…or charcoal…if that’s even possible in a wine… with a little touch of cedar and oak flavors,’ he said.”

The author Howard K writes with long, descriptive sentences. While this might be distracting to some readers, his vivid descriptions make the readers feel as if they are there at the moment experiencing the sadness, joy, fear and more.

What also makes this book exceptional is the amount of wine information that is easily included within the context of the story.

The story line follows the remarkable journey of a math wizard (nerd) who is awkward in social situations. Think back to what an awkward teenager experiences and you have Justin with a big exception. Justin is 30 years old with a full time position and at work is considered the “resident math wizard.”

The story begins with Justin hoping for a second date with the same girl. When it doesn’t pan out, because she forgot about the date as she…. well, just read the book.

To escape a rain storm, Justin ducks into a wine shop. After being welcomed by knowledgeable wine enthusiasts and wine lovers, Justin becomes enamored with the world of wine. For some reason that no one quite understands Justin is a super taster and can easily discuss the wines he tastes.

The friendly wine enthusiasts draw Justin into the world of high-end wines and eventually end up together at a huge wine event in Europe.

Eventually Justin finds himself caught between a woman who loves him and an old acquaintance who is using him for her own gains.

The author has combined love, sex, wine, murder in a titillating story that is difficult to put down.

Insightful with a wine thread woven throughout
A full array of interesting characters with detailed descriptions
A unique and interesting story line

Extra long sentences

About the Author

In addition to being a wine enthusiast, Howard K composes and produces music for films, television and advertising. Currently Howard K lives in Florida.

For more information about Dial M for Merlot visit the website: www.dialmformerlot.com. Dial M for Merlot can also be found on Facebook.


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