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Daniel Vineyards
Kathy Sullivan


Daniel VineyardsSummary: Daniel Vineyards is an estate vineyard located in Crab Orchard, West Virginia, about 3 miles off Interstate 64/77 Exit 42. The winery has a delightful tasting room and picturesque views for visitors. Several areas at the winery are available for special events. The property is a Conservation Farm in the Southern Conservation District of West Virginia. Dr. Daniel and the staff are very welcoming.

Dr. C. Richard Daniel is a retired radiologist. He is passionate about farming and his vineyards. Dr. Daniel attended Purdue University wine school and has taken courses throughout the East Coast. In addition he traveled to Napa Valley several times. To emphasize his passion for grapes, Dr. Daniel has grown and experimented with 116 different varieties in his vineyards.

Daniel VineyardsVineyards

The vineyards were planted in 1990. The 20-acre vineyard with 10,000 plus vines include Vidal Blanc, Chardonel, Norton, Frontenac, St. Vincent, Cayuga, Marquette, Esprit, Sabrevois, Seyval Blanc and Vignoles. Other cold climate varieties such as St. Croix and St. Peppin have also been planted to discover how they perform in this area of West Virginia.

Prior to development to a winery and vineyard, the property had been the location of the Twin Oaks Golf Course. Dr. Daniel is not a golfer and saw the potential of turning the property into a vineyard and winery. Much of the property still resembles a picturesque golf course. The property also has blueberries available for Pick-Your-Own fruit lovers.

Daniel VineyardsTasting Room

The tasting room staff is friendly and welcoming. Those who meet Dr. Daniel will discover a friendly, knowledgeable man who is passionate about grape varieties and wine.

The Daniel family is also artistically talented. Dr. Daniel designed the tasting room. His daughter decorated the tasting room with an elegant décor. With an emphasis on white, the tasting room is bright and sophisticated. Three large paintings by Dr. Daniel’s wife are displayed on a wall. The paintings may remind one of Georgia O’Keefe’s painting-style.

The entrance to the tasting room has three slightly rounded steps adding a touch of elegance, perfect for group photos and wedding pictures. Inside, the tasting counter is an octagon shape and several large tables with chairs provide comfortable seating. Near the tasting room a large octagonal wood deck built around several large trees offers shade and numerous wrought iron tables and chairs.

Daniel VineyardsWhite Wines

Seyval 2008 was almost clear with a hint of straw color. There were notes of citrus on the aroma and taste. The finish was crisp with citrus nuances. Chardonel 2009 offered citrus on the aroma and taste. The taste was smooth and the finish crisp. Esprit was a grape variety developed by Elmer Swenson and the University of Minnesota. Esprit 2008 was clear. The aroma was of yellow stone fruit. The taste was smooth with stone fruit notes and the finish was crisp. The Esprit 2009 wine aroma and taste were of apricot notes. The finish was crisp. Cayuga White 2009 had citrus notes on the aroma and taste. The finish was crisp. White 2008 was a blend of Vignoles, Vidal and Cayuga. The wine was smooth and crisp with citrus tones. White 2009 was a blend of Vignoles, Seyval and Cayuga. The wine offered citrus and yellow stone fruit nuances.

Red Wines

Frontenac 2008 was a dark ruby color. The aroma had dark fruit and bacon notes. The taste was of dark fruit. The crisp wine finished with bacon notes on the aftertaste. Norton 2006 was a dark ruby color. The aroma was of spice and the taste had red stone fruit. The finish was crisp with a hint of anise on the finish. St. Vincent 2007 was light ruby. The aroma offered notes of earthiness and spice. The taste was earthy and the finish crisp. The 2007 Port was made from Frontenac grapes. The ruby colored Port offered jammy fruits with a semi-sweet finish.

Daniel VineyardsBlackberry Wine

Blackberry Wine was a bright ruby color produced with 100 percent blackberries. With blackberry notes throughout, the wine was sweet but dried on the long blackberry finish. A recipe for Blackberry Wine Cake is shared by Daniel Vineyards. At the time of the visit, the Blackberry Wine was paired with the Blackberry Wine Cake, making a delicious dessert.


The winery and vineyards have four separate venues for special events. Consider hosting your next special event at Daniel Vineyards. Event suggestions include business retreats, weddings, reunions, fundraisers and birthday parties.

Daniel VineyardsEnjoy a visit to Daniel Vineyards where you can avail yourself of the picturesque views, a friendly welcome and quality wines produced from cold climate grape varieties. Spend time on the deck in this park-like setting.

Daniel Vineyards
200 Twin Oaks Rd
Crab Orchard West Virginia 25827

GPS: N37º 44.409’ W81º 15.265’


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