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Lambert's Vintage Wine
Kathy Sullivan

Lambert's Vintage WineSummary: Lambert’s Vintage Wine in Weston, West Virginia is family owned and operated by two generations. Experience a visit to a winery where the buildings have been created from hand-cut West Virginia stone. The experience of Lambert’s begins at the entrance where buildings constructed of large stones paints an old world view.

The adventure and hard work of owning a vineyard and winery began in 1987 when the Lamberts sold a business and decided to visit Biltmore Estate in North Carolina. Jim and Debbie Lambert tried the White Zinfandel and enjoyed it. Back home in West Virginia, they owned a golf course, where they let people golf for free. After considerable thought they decided to replace the golf course with a vineyard.

The Vineyard

Lambert's Vintage WineIn 1987, the Lamberts purchased 4,000 grapevines from a New York nursery. They planted 10 acres of Niagara, Ferdonia, Frontenac and Marcehal Foch. They discovered the challenges of growing wine grapes such as the climate has been difficult for the vineyards and deer are attracted to the grapes just before the winemaker needs them to be harvested.

In 1992 the Lamberts built the winery. Since the first building was constructed, other additions have been added but all are in keeping with the original Gothic style and all are using the West Virginia stone that has been hand-cut. The effects are delightful and give an “old world” look to the area. An aging room was built into a hillside. The facade matches the stonework of the other buildings. Today the winery produces approximately 8,000 cases of wine.

Events and Tasting Room

The ambiance of the winery is delightful. A separate building constructed in the same style with West Virginia stone is set apart from the winery and is used for large catered events including weddings. A covered dance floor is available outside of the winery. In addition, there is a large fireplace with seating that is used throughout the winter. Visitors dressed warmly enjoy sitting here in the glow of the fire with a glass of wine even on the coldest of nights. The aging facility built into a hillside has a room that can serve as a wonderful area for a bride to prepare for the wedding.

The tasting room has a rustic style with a stone fireplace in the center offering warmth and coziness. The wood tasting counter, siding and ceiling contrast with the stone and floor. While tasting wines, browse the many gift items including pottery, wine gift baskets and wood spoons.

Lambert's Vintage Wine     Lambert's Vintage Wine

Lambert's Vintage WineWines

The wine list is separated into three sections white, red and blush. Whites wines include traditional white wines along with American white wines produced from Niagara and Catawba. It also includes a Super Ice wine. The red list consists of wines such as Barbera, Zinfandel, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. The Blush list includes a variety of wines such as white Zinfandel, blueberry, strawberry, spice and Sherry.

We began our tasting with the Blackberry Merlot. This is a blend of 100 percent blackberry wine and Merlot. The aroma and taste had blackberry nuances. The finish was crisp with blackberry hints. Niagara offered the typical Niagara aroma and taste of a visit to Grandmother’s backyard. This particular Niagara wine dried on the finish. Niagara is the best selling wine that the winery produces. The Blueberry wine produced from blueberries had an aroma and taste of blueberries. The wine was slightly sweet and dried on the finish. Ice Breaker was a blend of many grapes. This wine was frozen and pressed. It offered Niagara nuances and was foxy. Super Ice was frozen twice. The result was a wine with nuances of honeysuckle. The finish was crisp.

A lot of hard work has gone into this family owned and operated winery and vineyard. However, the Lambert family has “no regrets.” They commented that they “meet the nicest people.” It is obvious that they enjoy owning and operating a winery.

Lambert's Vintage Wines
190 Vineyard Drive
Weston, West Virginia 26452

GPS: N39º 04.359’ W80º 29.185’


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