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Elevation Ten
Kathy Sullivan

Elevation TenSummary: Elevation Ten Winery is located in the Old Sugar Mill that was transferred to Clarksburg in the 1930s. A compass is the logo for Elevation Ten whose tasting room is in the front of the winery.

Elevation Ten tasting room is located in the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg about 15 minutes south of Sacramento. The name Elevation Ten was chosen because the town of Clarksburg is 10 feet above sea level.

The Elevation Ten winery is the result of three local families, who love wine and working together. The Clark, DiMarc, and Wallace families first met when their local school was closed and the children were to be bused outside of the community. Together they successfully helped to develop a charter school. At the same time they discovered they shared an enjoyment of wine. Eventually this led to the establishment of Elevation Ten.

Elevation TenTasting Room at the Old Sugar Mill

The tasting room is intriguing with its color scheme and setup. The room appears spacious and is available for small private events. A large dining table sits in the center of the room. Towards the back is a small area with chairs available for wine club members.

The Elevation Ten tasting room has reclaimed wood from an Amish barn in Pennsylvania. The tasting counter is made of cement with a pattern of small stones embedded in it. On the wall behind the tasting counter, a large compass is displayed.

In addition to the Elevation Ten wines, several refrigerated snack items are available including cheese and crackers. Elevation Ten has numerous gift items available to browse. Take time to linger awhile and be sure to taste the olive oils also available.

Elevation TenWines

The winemaker is Marco Cappelli. Marco has many years of experience producing wines and is also a consultant winemaker for several wineries.

Pinot Grigio 2013 Clarksburg AVA was a light straw color with grapefruit notes. The wine with 13.5% alcohol was light–bodied and crisp. The retail price is $21. Chardonnay 2011 Clarksburg AVA was a light yellow color with 14.2% alcohol. The wine offered notes of tropical fruit and pear. The wine was medium/full-bodied and food friendly. The wine sells for $22.

Zinfandel El Dorado AVA was a translucent ruby color with 14.5% alcohol. It offered dark fruit notes with a hint of perfume. The wine had medium/bold tannins and was medium/full-bodied and crisp. The retail price is $34. Petite Sirah 2011 Clarksburg AVA had 13.5% alcohol. The wine was a ruby color, almost opaque. The wine offered blackberry notes with medium bold tannins. The wine was full-bodied and crisp. The wine price is $28. Malbec 2012 Clarksburg AVA was a translucent ruby color with a pink hue. The wine had 13.5% alcohol and offered notes of dark fruits and tobacco. The tannins were medium bold and the wine was medium-bodied and crisp.

Black Muscat was a very aromatic dessert wine.  The wine with 18% alcohol and 21% residual sugar was sweet and fruity. The wine retails for $27.  It was suggested that this wine could be added to a brownie mix before baking. After baking, spray the top of the brownies with Black Muscat.

Old Sugar MillElevation Ten Wine Clubs

Wine enthusiasts can choose between two Elevation Ten wine clubs – Compass Club (two bottles per shipment) and Navigator’s Club (four bottles per shipment.) Other benefits of the wine clubs include: discounts on wine and merchandise in the tasting room, complimentary wine tastings and member only events.

Take time to linger in the Elevation Ten tasting room and enjoy browsing the gift items. The tasting room is in the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg.


Elevation Ten
35265 Willow Ave
Clarksburg, CA 95612

GPS: N38º 25.367’ W121º 32.020’



Article written September 2014

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