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Terry Sullivan

BoskinacSummary: Winemaking and winegrowing are in the Boškinac family. The winery is more recent, built in 2002. Mr. Boris Suljic wanted to tap into the family winemaking tradition as well as preserve and present the indigenous Croatian grape, Gegić to the world. Almost experiencing extinction on the island of Pag, Boris helped to bring Gegić to the local and world wine community.

Wine enthusiasts who visit the island of Pag along Croatia’s Adriatic Sea, can spend time visiting Boškinac. Not only is there a winery and vineyards, visitors can stay at the hotel and eat at the restaurant. Expect to spend time leisurely and take in history, land, sea and the wine. Boškinac is owned by Boris and Mirela Suljic.


All wines are produced from grapes grown in Boškinac vineyards. The vineyards are comprised of 6.5 hectares (16 acres). The vineyards are planted close to the winery and hotel on the property. The main varietal grape is Gegić, an indigenous white variety grown in Croatia’s coastal wine regions. The grape almost became extinct. There are also plantings of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc as well as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot for the reds.

The vineyard benefits from the Mediterranean climate. The soil is red with mineral influences and very fertile. Gegić responds to the soil’s minerality and expresses the terroir of the vineyards. The island of Pag is ideal for grape growing. Occasionally a drought can present a challenge for wine growers.


Tradition is important to the Boškinac family. An ancestor, Šuljić-Boškinac, cultivated vineyards and and crafted wines. Today the wine-cellar is the structure of the family’s way of life. The vineyards have seen grape varieties come and go. The land has experienced wars through the ages. However, it is the wine cellar that gives the family structure and support.

Boskinac2The winery now produces about 50,000 liters of wine, enough to fill over 5,500 cases. Although tradition is important, so are modern winemaking techniques and processes. Mr. Boris Suljic speaks to wine enthusiasts, “Our wish is to convey to wine connoisseurs, the power of the south as well as the power of our rocky island through our wines and at the same time the elegance of the cultivated temper that is achieved by great efforts demanded by the vineyard. It is all that surrounds us: the land, the sea, all nature in a glass of wine.”


We tasted two wines at Vina Croatia in New York City. The 2011 Boškinac Gegić was a straw color and reminded me of flowers and citrus on the aroma. The taste was also reminiscent of flowers, citrus and a hint of yellow stone fruits. There was a crisp, floral finish. The 2009 Boškinac Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot was a dark ruby to dark purple color. Dark fruits were on the aroma and taste. The wine had bold tannins and the fruity finish yielded to licorice.

This article was based on an email interview with Mr. Boris Suljic, owner and winemaker for Boškinac and a tasting of the Boškinac wines at the Vina Croatia 2nd Annual Portfolio Tasting in New York City in February 2013.


Article written February 2013

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