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State: Colorado
Location: Palisade

Plan Your Trip to: Wineries in Palisade

In Palisade, Colorado there are numerous wineries with majestic views of the renowned cliffs. Enjoy viewing Bookcliffs, and the Grand Mesa. The contrast between the reddish cliffs and green vineyards is striking. The second day of this itinerary can be walked or biked. You can combine this itinerary with the west Palisade/Grand Junction itinerary for a four day visit.

Day 1

First Stop:
Travel to Canyon Wind Cellars (A)
3907 North River Road, Palisade, CO 81526
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Second Stop:
Travel to DeBeque Canyon Winery (B)
3943 Hwy 6, Palisade, Colorado 81526
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Third Stop:
Travel to Plum Creek Cellars (C)
3708 G Road, Palisade, CO 81526
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Fourth Stop:
Travel to Meadery of the Rockies (D)
3701 G Road, Palisade, Colorado 81526
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Evening Lodging Option

Spend the evening at Wine Country Inn (W)
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Wine Country Inn is a delightful inn to relax in after a day of visiting wineries. This 80-room inn offers many conveniences for the traveler and includes a friendly ambience despite the elegance of the architecture.
777 Grande River Drive, Palisade, CO 81526
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Day 2

Note: If spending the night at Wine Country Inn, consider renting bikes and biking to these wineries or walking. The distance between the inn and third stop is about one mile.

First Stop:
Travel to Grande River Vineyards (E)
787 Elberta Ave., Palisade, Colorado 81526
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Second Stop:
Travel to St. Kathryn Cellars and Confre Cellars (F)
785 Elberta Avenue, Palisade, Colorado 81526
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Third Stop:
Travel to Varaison Vineyards (G)
405 W. 1st St., Palisade, Colorado 81526
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