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Acres of Land Winery
Kathy Sullivan

Summary: Acres of Land Winery is not far from Lexington, Kentucky. Located on a large farm, the Land family is dedicated to providing good wines with an experience. Their restaurant with gift shop will re-open next to the winery within several months. Consider a wagon ride among the vineyards on Fridays and Saturdays.

Acres of Land Winery, located outside of the center of Richmond, Kentucky offers a dynamic view of Kentucky’s countryside. This is a family-run winery. On the day of our visit clouds hung low adding to the dramatic affect. The low rolling hills with deep gulches bring a sense of wanting a canvas and paintbrush in your hands.

Acres of Land     Acres of Land


The winery is located on a 400-acre farm that was once a tobacco farm. Russell and Willie Mae Land purchased the farm in the 1940s. By the 1990s, the tobacco industry was losing profit. Lowell D. Land who enjoys wine began looking into starting a winery. He enjoyed wine and wanted to keep the family farm in the family. Lowell commented that the more he enjoyed wine, the better he liked the idea of starting a winery. Lowell began researching the wine industry and traveled to several winemaking areas. In 2000, Lowell and his wife, Katherine, planted the first vineyard. The winery building was built in 2004. By 2005, a tobacco barn was converted into a restaurant, gift shop and tasting room. In the spring of 2009, a devastating fire destroyed the restaurant, tasting room and gift shop. As soon as the permits are approved a new restaurant, tasting room and gift area will be built. In the meantime, visitors may visit and purchase wines in the winery. The winery is a self-sustaining agricultural tourism site.

Acres of LandVineyards

Today the 10 and half acres of vineyards include Cabernet Sauvignon, Chambourcin, Chardonnay, Vignoles and Vidal. The Vignoles is not a good producer however wines made from it sell well. The temperatures vary up and down and according to John Pitcock, winemaker, this is hard on the grapevines. The varying temperatures increase the mortality of the vines. The soil in the vineyards is of sandstone, limestone and clay. Visitors will notice that the vineyards are placed on the tops of hills rather than close to the bottom where cold air settles.

The vineyards also have Reliance, Marquis and Mars grapes. These grapes are used in the baking of the popular grape pie. A gourmet chocolate shop purchases the grapes to dip in chocolate, which is very popular. Reliance grapes are also used to add color to the Rosé wine.

Acres of LandWines

For Lowell, the most frequently asked question is, “Do you grow your own grapes?” After Lowell explains what grapes varieties he grows and what grapes he doesn’t grow, people understand. At the winery, the emphasis is on the quality of the wines they produce not the quantity. As Lowell said, what’s important is “not what you make but what you sell.” Wines at the winery are a good value at under $15. This is the first winery in Kentucky to have a 1.5 L bottle available for sale.

Acres of LandCabernet Sauvignon, still in the barrel, was a dark purple color. The aroma was of licorice and blackberries. The taste also had licorice with black fruit notes. The fruity finish offered bold tannins. Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 was a dark purple color with an amber rim. The aroma offered spices and mineral notes. The taste was of blackberries while the finish had fruit notes with light tannins. Marie’s Merlot was a ruby color. Marie owned part of the farm before Lowell’s family purchased it. The aroma had earthiness and black fruit notes. The taste was of black fruit. The finish was crisp and fruity with some tannin. Reserve Chambourcin 2005 was a ruby color with a spice aroma. The taste was of black fruit and the finish was mild with tannins. This is a good wine for white wine drinkers. Concord is a very popular wine. It has won numerous awards. Concord brings back memories of Grandma’s house. While the wine is sweet, it has good body without being sticky sweet.

Chardonnay offered an aroma of oak and apples. The taste was of caramel and apples while the finish started with citrus then finished with apple nuances.

Wine Club

The Acres of Land Wine Club sends shipments out four times a year. There is no cost to join the wine club. Wine is sent out in December, March, June and September. This is a loyal group at the winery. Most of the participants stayed with the club after the restaurant fire.

Acres of LandEvents

A second facility is available for events. It is located with vineyards on all sides and provides a delightful day among the vines. Anyone planning a special event should consider hosting it at Acres of Land Winery. Do you have a wedding, shower, birthday or anniversary to celebrate?

Enjoy a visit to Acres of Land Winery located in the beautiful Kentucky countryside.

Acres of Land Winery
2285 Barnes Mill Road
Richmond, KY 40475

GPS: N37º 42.634’ W84º 24.895’






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