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LedgeStone Vineyards
Wine Café and Coffee Shop

Kathy Sullivan

Summary: Enjoy a visit to LedgeStone Vineyards in Greenleaf, Wisconsin where the friendliness of the owners, quality wine and artisan cheeses encourage you to stay awhile and return time and again.

LedgeStone VineyardsTasting Room

Located in a modern-style barn, LedgeStone Vineyards Winery and Coffee Shop offers a pleasant and welcoming surprise upon entering. The details in the design of the tasting room add to the ambiance of the area. The owners, Tim and Sara Abel, designed the winery and local businesses completed the work on the building. The long tasting counter can accommodate several people. Rich wood tones and fine stemware quickly give you the idea of quality. Adjacent to the tasting room is a long sun room with tables and chairs. On cold days a wood-burning stove heats the area. This is the perfect spot to stop and spend some time.

When visiting, consider ordering a glass or bottle of wine and enjoying it with an Olive Tray, Artisan Cheese Tasting tray or bread with oil and vinegar. The tasting room offers other beverages including coffee and tea.

LedgeStone Vineyards     LedgeStone Vineyards

Situated in a rural area but within minutes of Green Bay, LedgeStone Vineyards is a popular place to stop and stay awhile. A bicycle trail to Green Bay, The Fox River State Recreational Trail, is within feet of the vineyard and winery. Bicyclists frequently stop in the tasting room. They also make the winery their destination and spend time once arriving.

LedgeStone Vineyards provides a delightful encounter for wine enthusiasts. The winery provides a “taste the place” experience as several wines are produced from vineyards on the property or sourced from nearby growers in Wisconsin. These are sold as the LedgeStone brand while other wines produced from grapes sourced outside of the state are marketed as Monarch Creek brand. Tim wanted two brands so consumers would not be confused. They can tell by the brand if the wine is a Wisconsin wine or if the grapes were sourced elsewhere.

The Vineyard

The winery and vineyards are on land that is part of the geologic formation, the Niagara Escarpment. Grapes receive some protection from the rise of land. Tim has been interested and involved in the Wisconsin wine industry for 16 years. In 1999, he planted vineyards and today he has 15 acres with approximately 8,000 vines. Grape varieties include Frontenac, Frontenac Gris, La Crescent, Marquette, Sabrevois, La Crosse, Edelweiss, St. Pepin and Blue Bell. Currently, he produces 2,000 to 3,000 gallons (850 – 1,300 cases) and would like to grow to between 15,000 and 30,000 gallons (6,500 – 13,000 cases).

LedgeStone Vineyards     LedgeStone Vineyards

Ledgestone vineyardsThe Wines

Our tasting began with Traminette 2007 in Spieglau stemware. The wine offered a citrus aroma and taste. The taste had nuances of lemon and grapefruit. The finish was crisp. La Crescent 2008 offered a floral aroma and had peach with apple nuances on the taste. The finish was crisp with peach aftertaste yielding to citrus. Frontenac Rosé 2008 was a red-pink color. The aroma had a slight red berry with citrus nuances. The taste was of strawberry and the finish was crisp. It pairs wonderfully with a 10-year-old aged cheddar. Reserve Frontenac 2007 was aged in Minnesota oak for 17 months. It had a translucent red/purple color. The aroma and taste were cherry with a bit of cedar. The finish was crisp. Frontenac Dessert wine 2006 offered a sweet jammy taste with a finish that was crisp and a bit of heat.

LedgeStone Winery is a small, boutique winery and is a delightful Wisconsin winery to visit. Enjoy a visit to LedgeStone Vineyards and the winery. Plan to spend time in the sunroom and enjoy a glass of wine.

LedgeStone Vineyards
6381 State Hwy 57
Greenleaf, Wisconsin 54126

GPS: N44º 20.043’ W88º 05.348’









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