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Tea House Foe-Foe
Kathy Sullivan

Tea House Foe FoeTea House Foe-Foe is located in Georgia’s Rustaveli, Kutaisi. After a busy day, our guide Tamta led the way to this very unique and friendly teahouse. The location seems to be in the center of Rustaveli, where by foot or car one can easily reach it.

On the day of our visit, Tea House Foe-Foe had only been opened a day or two. There was no mistaking that this was a building with a vast history. A set of curved cement steps lead to a small second area and a second smaller set leads to an alcove where the restrooms are located.

Tea House Foe FoeThe ceilings are painted with original art works. Tall arched windows have long drapes to the sides so that visitors can view passing by.

The café offers a wide range of teas reminding one of Teavana but Tea House Foe- Foe offers so much more. A wood counter is to the side where people can purchase from a selection of teas. . Small tables are scattered about the room. As we sat at a table, we watched other people discovering and enjoying Tea House Foe-Foe.

Tea House Foe FoeThe front of the menu has three stick figures on it made from three different kinds of tea. In addition to tea, Tea House Foe-Foe selections include salads, Georgian breads and desserts.

I ordered a spice tea that reminded me of Christmas. It was so delightful I came home with a little silver bag of it to save for the holidays.

Check out the photos we took while visiting. If you have the opportunity to visit this delightful tea house, be sure to take the opportunity. This is a tea house I would like to visit frequently.


Tea House Foe Foe     Tea House Foe Foe

Article written January 2014.

















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