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Domaine l’Ange Gardien
Kathy Sullivan

Domaine l"Ange GardienSummary: Domaine l’Ange Gardien offers wine enthusiasts wine tastings in a recently constructed tasting room with views of vineyards. Visitors have an opportunity to taste an assortment of wines including red, white, fruit, Icewines and Ice Cider.  
Located close to Quebec City, Domaine l’Ange Gardien is also close to the renowned Shrine of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré. The wine tasting room is located in a large white structure reminding one of a house. The wrap around porch extends along the back of the tasting room and offers views of the vineyards.

The owners purchased the property formerly a farm in 2004. It was not long before the planting of the vineyards began. Today the owners include Bruno Fortin, Jean-Louis Crête, Denis Morrissette and Daniel Desjardins. Wines were first sold in 2007. The tasting room along the frequently traveled road was constructed in 2012.

A natural event is the reason behind the name of the winery. During a hailstorm the vineyards did not suffer any loss. At the winery they believe a Guardian angel was watching over and protecting the vineyards.

Domaine l"Ange GardienVineyards

The vineyards with 6.4 hectares (16 acres) onsite include Radisson, Marechal Foch, Sabrevois, Marquette, Vandal-Cliché and Seyval. To protect the vines from the cold winter weather, they use snow to cover the vines, not soil. An additional nearby vineyard has been added.

In addition to the vineyard acreage, the property also has 600 apple trees and 600 cherry trees. The apples are used for producing Ice ciders.

To harvest the grapes for Icewines, they use the traditional Quebec method. Once a hard freeze has occurred, grapes are cut from the vines and placed in nets above the vines until the temperature reaches -8 degrees Celsius (17.6 degrees Fahrenheit.) This process subjects the grapes to the freezing and thawing processes of nature which is thought by many people to increase the quality of the Icewines.

Domaine L'Ange GardienWines

Véronique Gingras conducted our tasting and told us about the winery and vineyards. We tasted several wines, all made with onsite fruit. The stylish tasting room has a tasting bar with chair seating. Wood tones contrast with the light colored tasting counter and ceiling.

Domaine l"Ange GardienL’ Angeloise 2011 was a blend of Seyval and Vandal-Cliché. This light straw colored wine offered a floral and citrus aroma and a taste of citrus. The finish was crisp and fruity. The romantic image on the wine bottle label comes from a work of art in the event room. Vin Blanc Demi-Doux 2011 was a blend of Vandal-Cliché and Seyval Blanc. The semi-sweet wine was a very pale yellow. The aroma offered peach notes and was sweet. The taste was slightly sweet but the citrus notes made it seem dry. The finish was dry. Suggested pairings included sushi, raw fish and salmon. It would also be suitable as an apéritif.

Vin Blanc Fortifié was a yellow color. The smooth taste had notes of floral, honeysuckle and yellow stone fruit. The finish was of sweet and fruity yielding to hazelnut nuances. Griserie was made with strawberries and a touch of maple syrup. This wine was 16 percent alcohol. The result was a wine with strawberry jam on the aroma. The taste was smooth with strawberry and a touch of maple. The wine dried on the finish.



Vin de Glace 2010 was 100 percent Vandal-Cliché. The wine was a light gold. The notes included floral, honeysuckle, yellow stone fruit and a touch of citrus. As one would expect the wine was sweet.

Ice Cider

Cidre de Glace, with ten percent alcohol, was a beautiful deep gold color. The aroma reminded one of apples cooking on the stove in the fall. The taste was smooth and sweet with nuances of apples and brown sugar. Apple notes lingered on the aftertaste.

Domaine L'Ange GardienEvent Space

The event space with a flat stone fireplace offers a screen for slides or movies. The event area, located near the tasting room, is available for weddings, Baptisms and business meetings.

Enjoy a visit to Domaine l’Ange Gardien where you can enjoy tasting a variety of wines and Ice Cider.

Domaine l'Ange Gardien Vignobles et Vergers Inc.
6869, avenue Royale
L'Ange-Gardien (Québec) G0A 2K0

GPS: N46º 55.591’ W71º 04.317’


Article written June 2013

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