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Vignoble Négondos
Kathy Sullivan

Vignoble NegondosSummary: Vignoble Négondos is an organic vineyard and uses minimal intervention in the winery. Visitors will enjoy visiting this friendly, family owned and run winery where they are likely to meet the winemaker. The winery has a Certification Biologique.

Vignoble NegondosThe drive to the tasting room is between the vineyards. On our late May day visit, workers were in the vineyards pulling weeds from around each grapevine, a labor intense procedure. Mario Plante and his wife Carole Desrochers are the owners of Vignoble Négondos, an organic vineyard. The organic theme is also evident in the winery where minimal intervention is used in making the wines.

Mario likes wine and started making wine after buying grapes from an Italian community in Montreal. After working in social services, Mario and Carole decided they wanted to do something different and purchased the property. They named the winery and vineyard Vignoble Négondos after a maple tree variety. There are maple trees surrounding the vineyards.

Vignoble NegondosVineyards

Mario and Carole purchased the land in 1993. The grapevines were planted in 1995. At the time they were the 29th winery in Quebec. Since the vineyards were first planted they have always been organic.

The vineyards consist of six acres of grape varieties that include Geisenheim (pictured), Cayuga, Seyval, Kay Gray, Marechal Foch, Frontenac, Marquette, St. Croix, and Baco Noir. In the fall, the vines are covered to keep them safe from the cold. The vineyards are in a good location to avoid late spring frosts detrimental to young buds. Surrounding woods help to insulate the vineyards from damaging frosts.

Vignoble NegondosTasting Room

The tasting room is set back in the woods. It is large with light yellow walls and French-style windows and doors on three sides of the room. Inside the tasting room in addition to the tasting counter there are several tables and chairs.

Vignoble NegondosIn a corner oak barrels age wines. The comfortable setting is peaceful.

Next to the tasting room is the winery production area. Stainless steel tanks, winery equipment and cases of bottles fill the area.

Vignoble NegondosWines

Rosois was produced with St. Croix. The wine offered red berry fruit notes. There was a perceived sweetness but the wine was dry. The finish was crisp with a small hint of mild tannins.

Seyval 2012 (tank tasting) offered floral and citrus notes. This would be nice as an aperitif or a 3P wine (patio, porch or pool). Cuvee Saint Vincent 2011 was a blend of Geisenheim and Cayuga grapes. The wine had floral and spice notes with a hint of honeysuckle and citrus. A touch of spice was on the finish. Cuvee Saint Vincent 2012 was the same but the wine nuances were less pronounced.

Suroit 2012 was named for a wind that comes from the south. This was a blend of Marcehal Foch, St. Croix, Frontenac and Marquette. The wine was a dark purple with dark berry fruit notes. The wine was crisp and fruity with tannins.

In addition to tasting the handcrafted wines, visitors to the winery can enjoy wine and cheese, a walk in the woods, and a picnic area. Enjoy a visit to Vignoble Négondos. The tasting room is open in the afternoons from June to October.

Vignoble Négondos
7100, rang Saint-Vincent
Saint-Benoit de Mirabel
Quebec J7N 3N1

GPS: N45º 35.537’ W74º 08.198’

Article written May 2013

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