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Naughty Boy Vineyards
Kathy & Terry Sullivan

Naughty Boy VineyardsSummary: Naughty Boy Vineyards, a certified organic vineyard, is owned by a delightfully, friendly and artistic couple. The vineyard is located in Potter Valley that is in the coldest area of Mendocino County. Naughty Boy wine is sold through the Internet and in California restaurants.

Naughty Boy Vineyards is owned by Jim and Emjay Scott. The Scotts have a wonderful enthusiasm for life and celebrate with nature, wine and art.

Imagining that most visitors first question might be why the name “Naughty Boy,” we quickly discovered the answer. Jim and Emjay Scott told us about their dog, Little Ricky, a boxer who was also an excellent vineyard dog full of energy. Little Ricky was well loved. According to Jim, a good vineyard dog will stay with you when you have to go out at 3:00 am to turn on the sprinkler system and walk the perimeter of the five-acre vineyard in freezing weather. Little Ricky was always at Jim’s side on these vineyard walks. Little Ricky passed away in 2003 and the Scotts now own two more boxers. However, it is obvious that Little Ricky will always remain in their hearts.

Naughty Boy VineyardsPotter Valley, where Naughty Boy Vineyards is located, is a difficult place to grow grapes although Pinot Noir does well in this cold valley. It is essential for vineyards to use frost protection here. Naughty Boy Vineyards uses water spray in the early morning hours when the temperature dictates the need for it to keep the vines frost-free in the spring. Potter Valley is a designated AVA.

The vineyards consist of five acres of Pinot Noir that were planted in the mid 1990’s. Organic practices are used in the vineyard and these are the grapes used in the wines they produce. Chardonnay grapes are obtained from a neighboring vineyard. As we walked the perimeter of the vineyard Jim commented that he finds one of the most difficult things about organic vineyards is weed control.

The Scotts purchased the property in 1989 shortly after the earthquake in San Francisco. They converted the barn on the property into a multi-room home with two wood stoves. The Busch Creek runs along the property and empties into the Russian River. In the 1800’s this section of Bush Creek was the Russian River. The Russian River was diverted in the 1900’s.

Naughty Boy Vineyards

The Scotts have created two brands: NBV and Naughty Boy. The Naughty Boy label has an image of their boxer, Little Ricky. The NBV label is a traditional wine label. The best selling wines are labeled Naughty Boy. Distribution of their wines is by the Internet and self-distribution. They enjoy putting wine into their car and visiting the restaurants they sell to.

Naughty Boy VineyardsNaughty Boy VineyardsWe tasted wine and enjoyed appetizers with the Scotts along side the bubbling creek that use to be the Russian River. The Chardonnay 2007 offered an aroma and taste of apple nuances. The finish also had apple nuances with caramel notes. Dry Rosé 2009 Pinot Noir was a light red and produced from 100 percent Pinot Noir grapes. The aroma and taste reminded one of strawberry notes while the finish was crisp and fruity. It is interesting to note that the Scotts refer to this wine, as “This is not your Aunt Mabel’s pink wine.” A reference made to this dry rosé as opposed to a sweet rosé. The Naughty Boy Pinot Noir had a dark red color and aroma and taste of raspberries with strawberry nuances. The crisp finish had very mild tannins and a slight strawberry aftertaste.

Consider asking for Naughty Boy wine when visiting a California restaurant. If you won’t be traveling to California you may want to order their wine online.

Naughty Boy Vineyards
10,000 Gibson Lane
Potter Valley, California 95469

GPS: N39º 20.267’ W123º 06.771’




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