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Yorkville Cellars
Kathy Sullivan

Yorkville CellarsSummary: Yorkville Cellars is located in the Yorkville Highlands AVA. The owners of Yorkville Cellars are determined to create excellent wines with grapes that are certified organic. Each bottle of Yorkville Cellars wine is labeled with “made with organic grapes.” Visitors will discover a winery that concentrates on the Bordeaux varietal grapes.

Yorkville Cellars is determined to produce certified organic wines. It is important to Edward and Deborah Wallo, owners, to protect the environment by using organic methods in the vineyard. They believe that using organic methods protects the land. Yorkville vineyards was among of the first 12 to be certified organic in California.


When Edward and Deborah purchased the 110-acre property, there was only a small planting of Sauvignon Blanc already established. The vineyards are located at 1,000 to 1,300 feet elevation and are located between the Alexander Valley and Anderson Valley. Today there are 30 acres of vines. In 1986 the vineyards were certified organic. By 1988, the Wallos decided to plant all of the Bordeaux varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Malbec, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Carmenere, and Cabernet Franc. Before planting Bordeaux grapes, the Wallos read the weather records that an elderly neighbor had kept for 40 years. These records documented that the weather was suitable for Bordeaux grapes.

Yorkville Cellars

Some of the organic methods used in the vineyards include the use of sheep in the spring to eat the grass. When the grapevines begin showing growth and the sheep become interested in nibbling the vines, the sheep are removed from the vineyards. The Wallos use organic methods to build up the complexity of the soil. Edward estimates that each plant in the vineyard is known and cared for individually 12 to 14 times each year. The vineyard yields approximately 3.5 tons of grapes per acre.

Prior to their first vintage, grapes harvested were sold to other wineries. After other wineries began winning awards with the Yorkville Cellars grapes, the Wallos opened their own winery in 1994.

Yorkville CellarsTasting Room

The tasting room is located on a small hillside. Vineyards surround the facility. A covered porch extends the length of the tasting room and provides an ideal spot to enjoy a glass of Yorkville Cellars wine. The views of the surrounding vineyards accented with rose bushes are picturesque. Nearby, picnic tables are available for visitors to enjoy a picnic lunch and a bottle of wine.

Inside the tasting room a small wood stove adds to the coziness of the tasting room. A long table displays the beautiful handcraftsmanship of a retired physician who lives a short distance away. The wood turned bowls and other displayed pieces are produced from wood growing on his property. Each piece is designer quality.

Yorkville CellarsWhite Wines

The winery produces 12 wines with between 500 and 1,000 cases of each. Some of these wines are straight varietals. Sauvignon Blanc Randle Hill Vineyard 2009 offered an aroma of apple and tropical fruit with a hint of grass. The taste had apple and tropical fruit notes. The fruity finish was crisp. Semillon 2007 offered a taste of citrus and tart apple nuances. The finish was very fruity.

Yorkville CellarsRed Wines

Cabernet Franc 2007 was a dark ruby color with an aroma of dark fruit, hints of black cherry and spice. The taste was also of dark fruit with hints of black cherry. The finish had light tannins with a very fruity aftertaste yielding to spice. Merlot 2007 offered an aroma and taste of red berries especially raspberries. Light tannins were on the finish. Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 had blackberry aromas with violets and tobacco nuances. The taste was of blackberries and violets. The finish had tannins and blackberry nuances. Richard the Lion Heart 2006 was a blend of six red Bordeaux grapes. The aroma and taste offered floral nuances, violets and dark fruit notes. The finish was fruity with mild tannins. Sweet Malbec 2009 was a dark red/pink color. The nuances were of very fresh ripe red berries. There was a delightful touch of effervescence. This wine had 10 percent alcohol. With a residual sugar of 5.7, the wine was not overly sweet. This is a delightfully easy to drink wine for everyone.

Yorkville CellarsWhen visiting Yorkville Cellars, enjoy learning more about organic vineyards and grape growing. Delight in tasting wines made from organically grown grapes. Consider bringing a picnic lunch with you to enjoy with a glass of wine.

Yorkville Cellars
25701 Highway 128
Yorkville, California 95494

GPS: N38º 54.487’ W123º 13.906’



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