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Tennessee Mountainview Winery
Morris Vineyard

Kathy Sullivan

Tennessee Mountainview Winery and Morris VineyardSummary: Enjoy a visit to Tennessee Mountainview Winery where visitors can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with wine and scenic views.

Tennessee Mountainview Winery is a family owned winery known for Muscadine wines and for the beautiful views. Carolyn and Eric Morris are the vineyard and winery owners. The winery and vineyards are located in the Appalachian Mountain foothills about 30 minutes from Chattanooga, Tennessee.


The vineyard was planted in 1965 and known as Melinda’s Vineyard. Eric and Carolyn Morris purchased the vineyard in 1979. Today the vineyard has 12 acres of Muscadine grapes with 28 varieties. The vineyard also has six acres of traditional grapes including Concord, Niagara, Catawba, Chambourcin and Cayuga.

In addition to the vineyards, Eric and Carolyn grow blackberries, blueberries and raspberries used for producing fruit wines.

Tennessee Mountainview Winery and Morris VineyardTasting Room

The Morris’ opened the winery in 1986, with the tasting room opening in 2007. Eric designed the tasting room, which offers a sense of warmth from the light pinewood used for the ceiling and the large tasting counter. The tasting counter will remind one of a large child’s play house. The tasting counter has a “roof “over it. A seating area overlooks the mountains in the distance. This is a perfect spot to enjoy the views while tasting wine.


All wines are produced with grapes and fruit grown on the property with the exception of Riesling.

Tennessee Mountainview Winery and Morris Vineyard

Blueberry was a dark rose color. Blueberry notes were throughout the wine. There was a hint of sweetness that dried on the aftertaste.

Scuppernong, with a golden color was a foxy Native American wine. Muscadine Blush, a blend of different red Muscadine grapes, was a light sienna color. There were nuances of foxiness and red cherries. The wine had a semi-sweet finish and dried on the aftertaste.

Chambourcin, released recently, was a light red/orange color. The aroma was of red berry fruit. The taste was of red berries with strawberry nuances. The finish was crisp and fruity. Mountain Rouge, a red/pink color was a Concord wine. The aroma and taste had Welch’s Concord grape juice notes. The wine was smooth. Mountain Rose was a blend of Concord and Catawba. The color was a dark pink. There were notes of red jammy fruit. Initially there was sweetness that dried on the finish.

Home Winemakers will discover that the tasting room offers a number of winemaking supplies for the do-it -yourselfers. Looking for a gift? Consider a small boutique gift basket with wine included. More items include jellies and wine accessories.

Pick Your Own Fruit

For anyone who enjoys the opportunity to pick you own fruit, consider a trip to the winery. Be sure to call ahead for availability. Pick your own fruit includes Muscadine grapes and blueberries.

For those who want to start their own vineyard or blueberry patch, the winery offers Muscadine, Concord and blueberry plants for sale. These are available seasonally.

Tennessee Mountainview Winery and Morris VineyardEnjoy a visit to the Tennessee Mountainview Winery where you can view vineyards, Appalachian Mountains and taste wines. Be sure to have a camera handy for memorable photographs.


Morris Vineyard & Tennessee Mountainview Winery, LLC
346 Union Grove Rd.
Charleston, TN 37310

GPS: N35º 12.558’ W84º 43.687’









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