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Olof Cellars/St. Olof Vineyards
Kathy Sullivan

Olof CellarsSummary: Olof Cellars has an emphasis on their heritage. The owners are winemakers and grape growers. Make an appointment at this boutique winery that has a Viking theme.

Olof CellarsOlof Cellars celebrate the owners’ Viking heritage. The Olof logo is an image of a Viking ship. Just outside of the petite tasting room stands a large wood carving of a Viking with a goblet in his hand. Inside the tasting room, the Viking theme is presented with a Viking helmet and wine bottles have an image of a Viking ship.

Olof CellarsCindi Olof is a glass artist. She has created an array of objects from old wine bottles that she displays in the tasting room. There were several sunken bottles that could be used for serving appetizers. Another glass object is a flower made from 6 bottles.

Cindi and Eric Olof are the owners and growers of the estate vineyards. Eric is also the winemaker. A photo in the tasting room shows Eric dressed as a Viking, Eric the Victorious. For the photograph, Eric grew his beard, donned a two-horned helmet and wore furs. Eric proudly holds a glass of red wine.


Cindi is enthusiastic about their Viking heritage, wines and vineyards. She said, “We love what we do.” The vineyards of 16 acres have Barbera, Nebbiolo, Malbec, Petit Verdot and Lenoir. The first vines were planted in 2000. They chose to grow these more unusual grape varieties since so many others were growing the traditional varieties. The vast majority of the grapes harvested from their vineyards are sold to other wineries. Currently they are producing 500 cases of estate wines.

Olof Cellars

Olof CellarsOlof Wines

Eric began making small amounts as a home winemaker. After these successes, they decided to become a commercial winery and in the fall of 2009 Olof Cellars became a bonded winery. Wine enthusiasts who wish to visit must make an appointment.

Our wine tasting began with a barrel tasting of a white Nebbiolo. The wine was a light yellow. The taste offered notes of citrus and red berries. The wine was medium-bodied and crisp.

The Chardonnay 2012 Sonoma County was a dark yellow color with 12 percent alcohol. The wine had notes of tropical fruits. It was full-bodied with a medium/high acidity. The wine retails for $20. Barbera Rosé 2010 Lake County was a light translucent red with 11% alcohol. The wine offered red berry fruit especially raspberry and cranberry. The wine was light/medium-bodied and crisp. The retail price is $15.

Olof CellarsNebbiolo 2009 Estate Grown was a translucent red with a sienna hue. The wine had 11.5% alcohol. The taste was of blackberries and the wine had medium/bold tannins. The wine was medium/full-bodied and crisp. The wine retails for $28. Marauder Estate Grown wine was a translucent ruby color with 12.1% alcohol. The wine offered notes of black raspberry and blackberry. The wine had mild tannins, medium-body and was crisp. The retail price is $25. The wine was named Marauder because the Malbec grape traveled around the world.

Barbera 2009 Estate Grown was a translucent ruby color with notes of black cherry and bold tannins. The wine was full-bodied with high acidity. The wine had 13.8% alcohol and sells for $20.

In addition to the traditional wines Olof Cellars produces, they are also producing meads. Mead 2013 was a yellow color with notes of honey, ginger and fizz. This 8% alcohol mead retails for $18.

Wine enthusiasts who wish to visit Olof Cellars should make an appointment.

Olof Cellars/St. Olof Vineyards
5615 Highland Springs Rd.

Lakeport, California 95453

GPS: N38º 58.433’ W122º 53.871’


Article written September 2014

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