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Domaine des Pradels Quartironi
(An Online Virtual Visit)
Kathy Sullivan

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Domaine des Pradels Quartironi

This article describing Domaine des Pradels Quartironi is based on the online interview, online data and photos supplied by the winery. The article was written during the time of the world-wide 2020-2021 pandemic. Magali Quartironi answered our questions in French; Anne Rivière translated into English.

Domaine des Pradels QuartironiSummary: Domaine des Pradels Quartironi was established in the mid-20th century. Today the winery and vineyards are owned by Guilhem and Magali Quartironi the third generation, brother and sister. Domaine des Pradels Quartironi is located in Saint Chinian appellation (Languedoc).

In 2020, Domaine des Pradels Quartironi is owned and operated by the brother and sister team, Guilhem and Magali (pictured right). The winery and vineyards are located in Priou in the Saint Chinian appellation with the exception of a small vineyard located outside of the appellation planted with Syrah. Guilhem and Magali are focused on growing grapes organically.



Wine Trail Traveler asked, “What inspired the grandparents to establish Domaine des Pradels Quartironi. Magali responded: "Mr and Mrs Quartironi were Italian immigrants. They had cousins in Le Priou, the hamlet where the Domaine is located and they thought it could be a good place to grow vines but also olive trees, chestnut trees, and vegetables. They settled there in 1950 – hence the name of one of the latest wines produced by Magali and Guilhemn, « Cuvée 1950 », as a tribute to their roots."

At the time when Mr. and Mrs. Quartironi moved to France, the land had previously planted vineyards. Unfortunately six years later, the grapevines were devastated by a terrible cold spell. Mr. and Mrs. Quartironi persevered and planted more vines.



Domaine des Pradels QuartironiDomaine des Pradels QuartironiDomaine des Pradels Quartironi has 16 hectares (40 acres) of vineyards at 300 meters (984 feet) above sea level. The schist soil is arid and the vineyards have low yields. All of the vineyards are organic. While they have always organically farmed the vineyards, it was in 2012 they began the certification process. They received organic validation in 2015.

In the interview, Magali wrote about experimenting ways to farm organically. "We always experiment new ways of reducing the use of products, even thoses allowed in organic agriculture such as copper. This year we have tried nettle compost with good results so far. The idea is to help the plant defend itself so that it becomes nearly self-sufficient and less liable to catch diseases or be damaged by insects."




Domaine des Pradels QuartironiGuilhem and Magali are also the winemakers. Magali wrote about the most enjoyable aspects of winemaking. "Tasting the grapes for the best date of harvest, tasting the juice several times a day during fermentation to determine the best blendings from each vat."

In addition to the usual winemaking equipment in the winery, they also use clay vessels for fermenting wines. Wine Trail Traveler was interested in the sanitizing of the vessels. Magali replied, "We wash the jars with very hot high-pressure water and dry the inside immediately in the sunshine or with a fan if necessary. If they remain empty for a while, we burn a little sulfur inside to avoid musty smell."

Magali also noted that the wine inside the clay vessels remains in motion. The brother and sister believe the clay vessels contribute to the round and velvety wine features.

Prevention of oxidation when producing wine is very important. For the clay vessels Guilhem and Magali believe there is little oxidation risk. For the surface of the wine, they carefully place on the lid and fill the vessel to the very top with wine.



Visitors to Domaine des Pradels Quartironi will discover French or English tours. Travelers to the cellar or shop will enjoy learning about both clay jars, large “foudres” (large wooden vats) and small foudres called “demi-muids.” The winery also has an ancient wine press.


Wine and Food Pairings

Domaine des Pradels Quartironi recommends pairing the white “Moineau des Glycines” with seafood including ételinesé (small Mediterranean clams and hard cheese). The “Skhistos” pairs well with exotic entrees and poultry.

The “Moineau des Glycines” rosé pairs well with melons, salads, pizzas, pastas, light dishes, vegetarian entrées and spicy food.

Red wines pair well with all types of meat. The favorite is “Cuvée Campail” paired with roasted duck and wild berries. This is also good with cheese or to sip as an aperitif.

If you are visiting Saint-Chinian, stop by Domaine des Pradels Quartironi and discover their wines.

Domaine des Pradels Quartironi
Famille Quartironi,
Hameau Le Priou,
34360 Saint-Chinian, France


Article written December 2020.

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