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Brushy Mountain Winery
Terry Sullivan

Brushy Mountain WinerySummary: Brushy Mountain Winery is an urban winery located on Main Street in Elkin, North Carolina. The winery is located below the tasting room. As you stroll along Main Street, stop by the winery for a wine tasting.

Ann and Matthew Mayberry, born and raised in Elkin, returned to the area and thought about starting a vineyard when Matthew turned 75 years old. Matthew started taking viticulture courses at Surry Community College and quickly concluded that establishing a vineyard would take a long time. Instead of a vineyard, the couple changed course and started a winery, sourcing grapes from local growers.

In 2012, Matthew put the winery up for sale. Andy Duncan and his daughter Beth Duncan bought the winery. Thirty years ago Andy had a vineyard in Florida. He almost started a winery in Florida; however, a turn of events led the family to Maine to run a bed and breakfast. In 2012, when the opportunity to purchase a winery in Elkin became a possibility, Andy and Beth took the plunge.

Brushy Mountain WineryBeth wants to keep the portfolio of wines that Matthew and Ann established. They also want to keep the name Brushy Mountain, named after a local mountain in the area. Many of the wines also bear names of local areas such as Bugaboo Creek, Booger Creek, Red Bud Ridge and E & A (Elkin and Allegheny Railroad). Beth also wants to create a brand of wines that reflect Beth and her father’s interests.

Brushy Mountain WineryThe long rectangular winery tasting area is in a building that at one time was a cannery, the Elkin Canning Co. Labels for the fruit wines are similar to labels for fruits canned by the cannery. Now the building has a tasting counter, a sitting area and retail areas. Below the tasting room stainless steel tanks and wine barrels line the brick walls. Beth is interested in reaching out to local artists. She wants the winery tasting room to have a cultural and artistic reflection.

Brushy Mountain WineryWines

We tasted several wines during our late November visit. The 2011 Chardonnay was a light straw color and offered an apple aroma. There was a caramel and apple taste. The finish had a slight hint of tannins. Booger Swamp was a blend of Vidal Blanc and Chardonnay, with a touch of Niagara and Petit Manseng. The aroma was floral and the taste had honey and Niagara influences. The names of the wine reflect local geography and history. Booger Swamp is an area south of Elkin. During the Civil War, it was a hiding place whenever Yankee troops were in the area. Over the years, it became the custom for the locals to tell their children not to go into the swamp because “boogers” (spirits) would get them.

The 2008 Bugaboo Creek was a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. The dark ruby wine offered leather and dark fruits with tannins. The name of this wine also comes with a story dating from the Revolutionary War. A British officer in full lobster back regalia rode a white stallion. The officer was killed. Years later there were reports that people saw a British officer on a white stallion. The creek became known as Booger Boo Creek and over the years was shortened to Bugaboo Creek.

Brushy Mountain WineryThe 2007 Red Bud Ridge was a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Chambourcin and Merlot. It was a very dark ruby and also had leather and dark fruits on the aroma and taste. E&A is a dark purple blend of Chambourcin, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. The aroma and taste offered dark fruits and a touch of mushrooms. The finish lingered and had mild tannins. The name honors the people of Elkin that brought the Elkin and Allegheny Railroad to the area.

The 2008 Pour Mon Amour was a Port-style dark ruby Chambourcin. It had a red jammy fruit aroma. The smooth fruity taste was light and could be drunk during dinner or as an after dinner wine.

Brushy Mountain WineryThe raspberry wine offered an aroma and taste of raspberries. The label on the wine is similiar to the label on the cans that use to be made in this building when it was the Elkin Canning Co.

An urban winery often attracts foot traffic. Brushy Mountain is a delightful urban winery to visit. Stroll along Main Street in Elkin and stop at the winery for a tasting.

Brushy Mountain Winery
125 West Main Street
Elkin, North Carolina 28621


Article written in December 2012



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