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Kathy and Terry Sullivan

BerthaSummary: Bertha is located in a modern building located in the midst of vineyards. In addition to producing quality cavas and wines, Bertha offers a friendly tasting room and exterior patio seating.

We discovered that Bertha is about respecting the local wine traditions. Bertha creates cavas that pair well with most foods adding to the gastronomy experience. Wine travelers can have a great experience visiting the winery. Tourists can arrive at Bertha winery from two different directions. One way is circuitous through vineyards on both sides of the rustic road while the other way is more direct, also through vineyards, but quicker from a main road. Bertha offers wine tourists a large area with comfortable seating and tables for enjoying an hour or two in the Mediterranean sunshine. Montserrat Mountain can be seen from the winery.


BerthaWe met owner and winemaker, Josep Torres Sibill at the Bertha site. Josep founded Bertha in 1989. The old winery space was small. Working in the center of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia posed challenges. However, for 25 years the staff worked in the space limiting environment crafting cavas. The present winery is in a new bucolic location outside of town that opened in December 2014. Josep not only moved to the new building because he needed more space, he also wanted an area to landscape. The grounds are nicely landscaped. A green grassy area separates the outdoor seating and vineyards. A small robot grass clipper was mowing the grass, keeping it at an attractive height. In addition to the Bertha brand, Josep also produces the Ivette brand for the export market.

The seven hectares of vines at Cava Bertha include Xarel.lo and Macabeo. The winery also sources Parellada, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. While the winery and tasting room is surrounded by vineyards, providing lovely and enjoyable views for visitors, some of these vineyards are not part of Cava Bertha’s seven hectares.

BerthaTasting Room

On our visit we walked into a modern well lit retail and tasting area. Cava Bertha’s logo is a gold emblem of a grapevine trunk. The image was created by Josep’s mother, an artist. Some of her creative paintings decorate the walls in the tasting room and the adjacent special events room. Copies of her delightful artwork are available for purchase. A tasting counter is at one section of the large space with other counters and benches for seating spread throughout the room. Outdoors, there is a rap-around patio, part covered and the other section open. Both areas have comfortable seating with end tables. The setting is tranquil and the perfect spot to enjoy a bottle of cava while taking in the surroundings. Adjacent to the tasting room is a glass enclosed area with a long table that has seating for 18 people. Small events can take place in this area.

BerthaWinery and Cellar

The wine production area is next to the tasting room. The bottling line is demarcated from the rest of the area by the use of earth-toned tiles on the floor and walls. The first floor is also used for storage of bottles and cases.

BerthaThe cellar at the new facility is eight meters (26 feet) below the first floor. The secondary fermentation and bottle aging take place on this level. Bottles were aging stacked on their sides. Two crates of bottles were in a gyropalette, mechanically turning every hour. There are some traditional riddling racks used to hand riddle bottles that cannot fit in the gyropalette. The Bertha portfolio of cavas only includes brut and brut nature. Most cavas are produced with the indigenous grapes of Xarel.lo, Parellada and Macabeo. However, the winery also produces cavas that may have Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the blend.


We tasted the s.XXI Brut Nature Gran Reserva, a blend of Xarel.lo, Macabeo, Parellada and Chardonnay. This cava was disgorged April 2015. The dark yellow cava offered notes of green apple, pear and freshly baked bread. It had fine bubbles forming a couple of beads rising to a surface mousse.

The 2009 s.XXI Brut Rosado Gran Reserva is 100% Pinot Noir. The orange with red hue colored cava offered mineral notes on the aroma. There was lemon and strawberry on the taste and the finish was citrus yielding to mineral.

The 2012 Brut Nature Reserva was a blend of Macabeo, Xarel.lo and Parellada. It had a light yellow color with lively bubbles forming a mousse on the surface. Green apple was predominant on the aroma, taste and finish. The cava also had some mineral notes.

The 2009 Cardús Brut Nature Gran Reserva was blended with Macabeo, Xarel.lo and Parellada. It had a light yellow color with lively beads of bubbles forming a mousse on the surface. Apple and citrus were on the aroma and taste. The cava had a lively mouthfeel with an apple finish.

Wine Tourism

Cava Bertha’s tasting room is open on weekends for adults who enjoy tapas and cavas. Josep wants to have people come and relax for a couple of hours. Enjoy a visit to Bertha where you can comfortably spend a couple of hours in a relaxing atmosphere.

St Sadurni Vilafranca Km. 2.4
Cami Saltwater Can Batista
Tel. 938911091


Article written June 2015

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