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Catalan Foods
Segon plat: Entrées and single plates
Terry Sullivan

Pair these foods with cavas, in particular the 50 Great Cavas.

Catalan food

Fish and seafood paella

Indigo Restaurant at the Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona

Cusco Burga


Like paella but made with thin noodles rather than rice

Cusco Berga Winery

Juvé y Camps

Suquet de Rap Calamars i Gambes

Stew of Monkfish, calamari and prawns

Juvé y Camps Winery


Catalan entree

Terriana de foie per, tatrar de tonyina i tomaquet

Tuna and tomato tartar

Bohigas Winery


Catalan entree

Turbot amb patates confitades, sofregit de la iaia i oli avellanes

Turbot with potato confit, fried granny and hazelnut oil

Bohigas Winery


Article written October 2014

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