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Bodega Ribas
(An Online Virtual Visit)
Kathy Sullivan

Photos and answers provided by Araceli Servera Ribas
Bodega Ribas

This article describing Bodega Ribas is based on an online interview, online data and photos provided by Bodega Ribas. The article was written during the time of the world-wide 2020 pandemic.

Bodega RibasSummary: Bodega Ribas, located on Mallorca, claims to be the oldest family-run Spanish winery dating back to 1711. The winery produces wines with native grapes and international grapes. Visitors are welcome and should secure reservations in advance.

Bodega Ribas has a long history of winemaking dating back to 1711 when Pedro Ribas de Cabrera began building the winery. In the late 19th century at the National Winemaking Exhibition in 1877, the winery received the Medal of Perfection.

Recently, Araceli Servera Ribas wrote: “Bodega Ribas is the oldest winery in Mallorca and now also the oldest family run winery in Spain. Pedro Ribas de Cabrera built the winery in the village of Consell in 1711, close to the vineyard. Since then, wines have been produced uninterruptedly, focusing on the native varieties Mantonegro, Gargollassa and Prensal. The descendants of Pedro Ribas are trying to continue his labour and work with a style that is marked above all by the respect of the land, history and legacy. Nowadays there are several investigation projects going on to try to improve the native varieties, minimize intervention at the vineyard and reduce the environmental impact.”


Bodega Ribas Vineyards

Bodega RibasBodegas Ribas has 40 hectares (99 acres) of vineyards. The soil consists of gravel and porous stones with a loamy-sandy texture.

In addition to the native varietal grapes, there are also international grape varieties planted in the vineyards. The native grapevines are as old as 60 years. Other varieties of grapevines date back 25 years. Currently the white grape varieties include: Prensal Blanc, Viognier and Moscatel de Grano Menudo. Red grape varieties include: Mantonegro, Gargollassa, Callet, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot.

Bodega RibasBodega Ribas has been discovering more native grapes, including the Gargollassa on the island of Mallorca and uses these native varieties.

We were curious as to how the vineyards benefited from the local terroir.
Araceli Servera Ribas responded: “The insularity and the location of the vines on a soil with alluvial origins in the Raiguer region, at the feet of the Tramuntana mountain range, make our vineyards unique. 

"The vineyard is located over 120 metres above sea level, and planted over a characteristic alluvial soil covered with river stones. The soil is deep with a loamy-sandy texture with variable fraction contents of sand, clay and silt depending on the parcel and its structure is granular providing a great drainage capacity. The farming is traditional, organic and sustainable.”


Wines of Bodega Ribas

Despite the winery dating back to 1711 and its aged stone walls, Bodega Ribas uses modern winemaking equipment for producing the wines. Equipment includes stainless steel tanks, cement tanks, sorting tables, and oak barrels. The cellars are a mix of modern and old.

Bodega Ribas     Bodega Ribas

Are wine visitors accepting of native varietal grapes? Araceli Servera Ribas wrote, “Most of our visitors are very open minded and actually prefer to try native grapes. They have curiosity and want to try new things. They are usually very impressed with the quality and potential of Mallorcan varieties like Mantonegro and Prensal Blanc and continue purchasing our wines when they are back in their home countries."

Bodega Ribas“Sió is probably the wine we are most famous for, it is made with the oldest Mantonegro vines that exist and is very representative not only of the winery but also of Mallorca. This wine is very well known in Switzerland for example.

More recently our Ribas Rosé has become very popular in Mallorca but also abroad, it is one of our best sellers in Sweden.

35% of our wines are exported mostly to countries that produce no or little red wine, like Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Japan!”


Uniqueness of Bodega Ribas

Bodega Ribas• Rafael Moneo designed an extension of the winery which was recently completed. The extra space will allow for more experimenting, improving energy efficiency and provide more space for visitors.
• Since the construction of the winery in 1711, wine has been produced continuously.
• When Phylloxera arrived in 1891, winemaking continued. Bodega Ribas was a pioneer in grafting American rootstocks with Mantonegro and Prensal grape varieties.
• The grapevines have been registered with the Organic Agriculture Council since 2014. All of the Bodega Ribas wines have been labeled with the official organic label since 2016.


Bodegas RibasTraveling to Bodega Ribas

Bodega Ribas is not far from the capital of Mallorca which is Palma; there are also numerous resorts in the region. The winery suggests renting a car or travel by taxi to visit the winery.

Throughout the year, wine tastings and guided tours are available in Spanish, English, German, French and Dutch. The peak visitor season is April thru October. Each year the winery receives approximately 7,000 visitors for the guided tours. Wine tastings take place on the patio or in the 18th century home. Be sure to schedule reservations at least three weeks early.


Article written October 2020

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