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James Charles Winery & Vineyard
Kathy Sullivan

James Charles Winery and VineyardSummary: James Charles Winery & Vineyard opened in 2015 and offers a friendly, sophisticated atmosphere for tasting wines and hosting private events. The winery is the third Bogaty family winery to open and celebrates the family legacy.

The James Charles Winery & Vineyard sets back from the road and sits atop a hill overlooking Virginia’s stunning countryside. From the outside of the building, the left side mirrors the right side. The left side is a large event space and the right side contains the barrel room and the Legacy room for wine club members. The tasting room in the center connects the two sides.

The driveway wraps around the modern-style winery and bright green doors add spring-like freshness to the entrance. Inside, the tasting room has elements of sophistication and a welcoming atmosphere. Several tables are available for enjoying wines and appetizer-style snacks.

James Charles Winery and VineyardAfter visiting James Bogaty at his Bogati Bodega in Northern Virginia, we looked forward to meeting him again at his most recent winery, James Charles Winery & Vineyard. James Bogaty is a man who continually creates ideas. His creativity lends itself to the reuse of materials. Hanging ceiling lights made of oak barrel hoops were created by James. Other unique lights hanging over the tasting counter were created from Italian metal grape baskets. James was even inspired to create the outdoor lights.

James Bogaty is the dynamic force behind one of the largest family-owned wineries in Virginia. James owns three wineries and has many acres of vineyards in Virginia. HIs son, Justin Bogaty, is the winemaker. Justin also produces wines for several other Virginia wineries. During our conversation with James, he emphasized that the wines produced by Justin reflect a different style at each winery.

Tasting Room

The tasting room encompasses a spacious area with a large white tasting counter, fireplace with seating and numerous tables where visitors can easily taste wines. The walls are gray, highlighted by a white ceiling and white trim.

A large patio is available for those warm days. The patio has a large rectangular stone fire pit. The fire pit is large enough to accommodate and burn a large tree log.

James Charles Winery and Vineyard   James Charles Winery and Vineyard

The Legacy: Wine Club Members’ Room

James Charles Winery and VineyardFor James and Della Bogaty, the James Charles Winery & Vineyard emphasizes the legacy behind the family. In the wine club members’ room, a special Legacy wall has several photos of family members. James carefully introduced us to each photo while proudly noting the important role of each. Four of the photos honor the members of the Bogaty generations and one photo is of Bill Brant, James’ father-in-law. Ludwig Bogaty was on the ship that warned the Titanic of the iceberg which led to the Titanic disaster. Arriving in the United States, Ludwig joined the United States army and learned English so he could become a citizen. James’ father was Ludwig Joseph. His father served in the Navy during World War II. James Bogaty was a Marine. Justin Bogaty, son and winemaker, attended Virginia Military Institute.

Bill Brant, Jame’s father-in-law, once owned the largest cattle ranch in Kansas. Brant was known as the “Sky King.” During a major flood, Brant used his airplane to rescue stranded and injured people from the El Capitan train in Kansas.

The Legacy room has seating areas and a window opens to the barrel room. A separate patio is available for wine club members only.

James Charles Winery and VineyardLifestyle for Wine

In addition to producing quality wines, James and his family are introducing lifiesstyle products produced with the remains of grapes. Products from grapes or associated with vineyards and wineries are available. Eventually a style of clothing for visiting wineries will be available. James likened this to the clothing styles for golfing.

Current Lifestyle products available are grape seed oil, Vine Eyes, hand cream, shampoo and conditioner. The label on Vine Eyes notes that it is an anti-aging eye cream. For men, a Lifestyle oil is available for beards. Other Lifestyle products include coco cabernet (™), a custom vinotherapy mask, and vanilla almond cinnamon bath and massage oil.


James Charles Winery and VineyardEvents at James Charles Winery & Vineyard include public and private. The event room is spacious with an adjacent patio. On the second floor, a comfortable suite is available for the bride and when she is ready, a sliding window opens and she can wave to the attentive friends and family. A catering kitchen is available for those special events.


The vineyards at James Charles are just beginning with two acres of Chenin Blanc. Eventually 15 acres of the property will be planted with grapevines.


The Riesling 2014 with 11.8% alcohol was a light yellow color. The wine offered notes of floral and yellow stone fruit. The taste was of peach with a faint hint of petrol in the back of the mouth. Viognier 2014 with 12.9% alcohol was a light yellow color. The aroma was floral and the taste offered notes of roses, honeysuckle, peaches and chalk. The finish was crisp with a blend of fruit, floral and mineral notes.

James Charles Winery and Vineyard2014 Arrivito 1913 was named for the year James’ grandfather arrived in the United States. This is a Bordeaux-style blend with Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot. The dark ruby colored wine offered notes of black fruits and spice. The taste had blackberries, black cherries, cloves, nutmeg and leather notes. The wine was full-bodied with bold tannins. The finish, with spice and leather, yielded to fruit. El Capitan 2014 had 13.9% alcohol. The grape variety was Zinfandel. The dark ruby colored wine had notes of dark fruits and floral (perfume.) The taste was of black cherries, roses, violets, blackberries and chocolate. The full-bodied wine had mild tannins. The finish reminded one of fruit and chocolate.

Be sure to visit this new winery in Virginia when you have the opportunity. During the winter enjoy the tasting room fireplace and on warmer days spend some time on the patio.

James Charles Winery & Vineyard
4063 Middle Road
Winchester, Virginia 22602

GPS: N39º 07.543’ W78º 13.817’


Article written November 2015

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