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Wicked Oak Farms & Vineyard
Kathy Sullivan

Wicked Oak Farms and VineyardSummary: Wicked Oak Farms & Vineyard is a family farm and winery focused on the food and wine connection. Visit Wicked Oak Farms & Vineyard to avail yourself of farm-raised meats, wines and the Shenandoah countryside.

Wicked Oak Farms & Vineyard, a family-run farm and winery, is located in the shadows of the Shenandoah Mountains. Visitors to the farm and vineyard drive upward on a long driveway. Eventually the driveway flattens out and visitors pass vineyards on the left and a pasture on the right.

Wicked Oak Farms and VineyardIf your timing is good you may just see a few head of cattle grazing in the pasture. When we visited in early November we saw both young and old cattle. Despite the horns and their attempt at friendliness, definitely do not try to interact with those long horns.

Wicked Oak Farms & Vineyard is focused on food and wine. In the tasting room visitors will find in addition to wines, frozen farm meats available for purchase. The farm raised beef, lamb, pork and poultry are designated as antibiotic free, hormone free and steroid free. A blackboard over the freezer lists the available meats and also says, “Raised with Respect.” Another unique note refers to the two-hour pork chops. “Because folks have traveled two hours to get their hands on them!”

History of Wicked Oak Farms & Vineyard

Randall and Russ Anderson are brothers who are interested in the connection between food and wine. Randall purchased the property for the farm and winery. While exploring the property with his son, they came across a 250-year-old oak tree. His son remarked that this is a wicked looking tree. Thus the name of the farm and winery was born.

The property, with 35 acres, is used for cattle farming, poultry, pigs and growing seasonal produce. Today the meats and produce are sold to walk-in visitors.

The interest in wine began because the family loves the food and wine connection. At first they began making wine for the family. Randall and Russ began featuring farm to table and wine dinners. They discovered people like these wine and food connections.

At last they decided to plant a vineyard with the Norton grape variety, a Virginia grape. Russ and Randall like the Norton grape and the versatility of the wines that can be produced with Norton grapes. Russ is looking forward to producing a Norton port-style wine.

The vineyard is planted with 750 Norton grapevines on one plus acres. The Andersons plan to make additional plantings in 2016. They are likely to choose a white grape variety, perhaps Vidal.

Wicked Oak Farms and VineyardTasting Room

The tasting room is a one-story building with a small covered deck with tables and chairs. Between the pasture and the tasting room, are a couple of seating arrangements where visitors can enjoy spending a couple of leisurely hours enjoying the wines and the countryside environment. Inside the tasting room the tasting counter is located at one end of the room. Dining room table and chairs sets, all different, fill the large open space of the room providing a warm country feeling. Seasonal arrangements were at the center of the tables. A wood burning stove takes the chill off the room during the colder months.

Wicked Oak Wines

Wicked Oak Farms and VineyardWhile standing at the tasting counter, we tasted several wines. Russ poured the wines and talked about the wines and the winery’s story.

Starlight 13 was a blend of Vidal and Riesling. The wine was produced in stainless steel tanks. The light yellow colored wine offered floral aromas with yellow stone fruit notes. The finish was crisp and fruity. The name for the wine was related to the area called Star Tannery. Russ noted that at night there are not city lights to be seen and one has wonderful views of the stars.

Rosé 2013 was produced with Syrah. This wine was a light orange/pink color. The taste was smooth with a light influence of red berry fruit. The finish was crisp with a fruity aftertaste that yielded to earthiness.

Wicked Oak Farms and VineyardCabernet Franc 2014 was produced in French oak barrels. The wine was a translucent red color with a dark pink hue. The aroma was of dark fruits. The taste offered vegetal notes, pepper, blackberries and leather. The wine was medium-bodied with medium tannins. Fruit yielded to leather on the finish. Eagle Rock Red 2014 was a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. The color was a translucent red. The aroma offered black fruit notes. The taste was of blackberries, pepper and leather. The wine was full-bodied with medium tannins. A fruity finish yielded to leather.

Rondea 2012 was a late harvest Vidal. The wine was a light yellow color. The mouthfeel was smooth with floral notes and hints of yellow stone fruit. The wine dried on the aftertaste.

Randall and Russ want visitors to enjoy the wines and the atmosphere at Wicked Oak. Visit and enjoy the connection with the farm and the photographic Virginia countryside.

Wicked Oak Farms & Vineyard
2121 S. Pifer Rd
Star Tannery, Virginia 22654

GPS: N39º 04.685’ W78º 27.157’


Article written November 2015

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