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Monthly Archives: September 2009

How Often has this Happened to You?

Last night while at a restaurant, after we were escorted to our table, our waiter approached us with a bottle of Italian wine and asked if we would like it. Since it was not immediately evident, we asked what grape was used in the wine. Our waiter did not know and had to read the […]

Leftover Wine?

What are your choices when you have a partial bottle of wine left from dinner or a gathering? It does seem a waste to throw it down the drain. Not only wine is being wasted as it gurgles away through the pipes but your money as well as the talent and hard work of the […]

A Charitable Wine Club

This week a new and unique wine club has been started in Maryland. The wine club, Vintners Charitable Cooperative, focuses on a connection between boutique wineries and charity. Vintners Charitable Cooperative is the brainstorm of Mackie Barch. The goal of this unique wine club is to promote small boutique wineries and help charitable causes. Currently […]

Tasting Still Wines and Champagnes/Sparkling Wines

As we travel from winery to winery, sometimes we taste the same wines and at other times we taste different wines. What we are seeking during the wine tasting are descriptions of the wines. Frequently we find the same characteristics in the same wine but at other times we discover different characteristics. This is because […]

Travel to Wine Festivals for September 26 and 27

September is one of the busiest times of the year for wineries in the northern hemisphere. For many people this is the ideal time to visit wineries, sniff the air for fresh pressed grapes, enjoy the glory of clusters of grapes hanging on the vine just before picking and tasting wines. September is also a […]

Making Your Own Wine: At a Winery or at Home

For wine enthusiasts interested in experiencing winemaking consider participating at a winery that oversees and offers expert advice while you make your own barrel of wine. These opportunities are ideal for anyone who wants to learn about winemaking and without the equipment necessary. Learning from professionals who produce wine for a living appears to be […]

Home Winemakers: Wine Grapes are Coming!

Yesterday we had the opportunity to visit S & S Winegrapes & Equipment Co, a family-owned business that is very supportive of home winemakers. It won’t be long before the refrigerated warehouse in Baltimore will be filled with California grapes available for purchase by home winemakers. Customers come from as far away as Virginia and […]

Professional Wine Tasting Book Review

Wine Tasting: A Professional Handbook by Ronald Jackson Just realized that while I had written a long review of this wine tasting book for Suite101, I had not reviewed it on the Wine Trail Traveler website. Of course, according to Suite101 rules one is not allowed to reuse the same article elsewhere for one year. […]

Eat and Drink Local

A couple of weeks ago while visiting Lawton Ridge Winery in, Kalamazoo, Michigan, I picked up a small advertisement for eating local. It was an easy to use small folded passport ad. It was titled, Eat Local Kalamazoo. Despite its size, the ad included “Why Eat Local Food,” Calendar of Events for September, and a […]

Baltimore Sun Supports Wine Shipping in Maryland

Kudos to the Baltimore Sun! This week the Baltimore Sun published an editorial entitled Bottled Up. The editorial takes a swipe at the archaic wine shipping laws of Maryland. Anyone who has visited a winery in Maryland or outside of Maryland quickly learns they cannot have wine shipped to their home. In an attempt to […]

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