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The Oxford Wine Festival 2016!

The Oxford Wine Festival in 2016 is scheduled for September 9 and 10 at the Oxford Union. The festival provides wine lovers with the opportunity to taste wines not always available at local stores.

Do Consumers Choose Wine by Brand or Other Factors?

Wilson Drinks Report has released a press release about the habits of UK adults who purchase wine. The PR was entitled “Scared shoppers choose wine by colour before special offers or price But only 3% choose the brand first, and grape variety is more important than country of origin.” The research study was based on […]

What’s More Important? Preserving Terroir or a Road and Bridge?

Mosel, a wine region in Germany, is home to an unusual Riesling that is the result of the terroir – a combination of slate, sun and water attributes. If  the proposed roadway and bridge are built, there are concerns that the water system will change and that the vines will be blocked of the essential […]

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