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Choosing Wine at a Wine Shop

On Saturday before Easter, we were planning a tomato pasta dinner for special guests. After looking at our wine cellar (wine shelves in a cool area) we discovered only white and fruit wines. There was nothing that seemed to pair with a tomato based pasta dinner. After our experience in Italy, we knew we liked Chianti. As my daughter and I browsed the Italian wines available at our local wine shop, we discovered several Chianti wines. We started to discuss the names. Even though both of us had visited Italy at different times, neither of us recognized the names. Another shopper overheard us discussing which wines to purchase and offered some friendly advise saying she had tried some of those wines. This was definitely a refreshing trip to the wine shop. We took her advise and were happy with the wines we chose.Somehow wine, winemaking and vineyards all seem to bring people together with a common interest. After all, how often have you been in a grocery store choosing a brand  of peanut butter and had someone nearby offer their opinion?

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