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PakSense Labels for Shipping Wine

PakSense, a company that started in 2004 has a very interesting product that just may help consumers. One of their products is a small label that can be affixed to a bottle or case of wine at a winery. When the wine reaches its destination, the information can be relayed back to the winery. According to the company’s website, “Our flagship product is the award-winning PakSense Ultra Label, which monitors temperature and time of a perishable item through distribution.” The receiving company can also gather information from the label to decide immediately whether to accept or reject the shipment based on LEDs. The information includes at what point during the shipment did the wine reach higher than acceptable temperatures.

What does this product do for the consumer? It appears that the label is efficient for up to eight weeks, this is very helpful for the consumer. It is less likely that a consumer will buy a wine damaged during distribution. However, there is no guarantee as to what happens to the wine at the end of its journey. Does it set in the sun for hours before being moved inside? Is it stored properly or in a hot second floor room for months?

It reminds me of milk that I use to purchase at a warehouse grocery store. The milk seemed to spoil within three or four days. Eventually I began buying milk at a traditional grocery store and the milk lasted for at least a good week. I still prefer buying milk at the neighborhood grocery store.

Are you willing to pay a little more for a bottle of wine that was shipped with the
PakSense Ultra Label?

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