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North Carolina AVAs

In 2007, Wine Trail Traveler visited wineries in North Carolina along the coast and in the Piedmont area. At many of the wineries, staff advised us, “You have to visit Yadkin Valley.” By spring 2008, another AVA was established within the Yadkin Valley AVA – Swan Creek. Swan Creek AVA currently consists of five wineries: Buck Shoals Vineyard, Dobbins Creek Vineyards, Laurel Gray Vineyards, Raffaldini Vineyards, Winery, and Shadow Spring Vineyard. These wineries are also part of the Yadkin Valley AVA that was established in 2003.

How should the wineries located in both AVAs label their wines? Yadkin Valley has more name recognition however Swan Creek wineries have a different terroir and could use that in their marketing strategy.

In any event, we discovered that the wineries we visited in Swan Creek AVA offer delicious vitis vinifera wines. Since we had traveled to Italian wineries last year, we were delighted to taste some very good Sangiovese and Chianti style wines.

With beautiful scenery, friendly staffs and delicious wines, Swan Creek AVA is definitely a great place to visit.

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