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Wine – a Common Denominator

Wine can be a common denominator among people. Wine is so much more than just the taste of it. It is more than just do you like it or not. Lemonade or Kool-aid you either like them or not but there isn’t much discussion about flavors, history, or culture. Wine has a uniqueness and a culture of its own. Wine can bring people together who have a common interest in wine. There is so much to talk about. Topics can easily include: what wineries to visit, what grapes grow best in what areas, what wines are offered, what are a wine’s characteristics, the history of wine whether world history or the affect of Prohibition on wine in the U.S.

At breakfast this morning, we met a couple on their honeymoon. For their honeymoon, they were visiting wineries in the Charlottesville area of Virginia. Together we talked about what wineries we visited, which ones we were about to visit, the taste of Tannat and tannins. They were obviously enjoying their trip and we enjoyed talking with them. We left with a good feeling of camaraderie. Our visit with them gave a personal touch for us to the Charlottesville area.

We met another couple in a tasting room yesterday that also was enjoying tasting wines at several local wineries. It was easy to launch into a discussion of the pronunciation of wines, interesting wineries to visit, and the types of wine they enjoyed. Wine was the common denominator.

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