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Jefferson Wine Bottles

On August 13, I posted about a book I had just finished, “The Billionaire’s Vinegar by Benjamin Wallace. The non-fiction book traces the claimed discovery of Jefferson wine bottles in Paris to auction houses to wine collectors. Collectors were willing to pay thousands of dollars for a single bottle of the wine based on expert opinions. For years people have sought to determine the legitimacy of the wine as belonging to Jefferson. The wine bottles have gone through many tests and analysis. In the meantime, some people have felt duped and yet others continue to believe that Jefferson once owned the wine.

What timing for the book to be published, to have read it and now two of the main characters are back in the news. According to Decanter.com, a New York federal judge is allowing William Koch, a wine collector to sue Rodenstock, a German wine dealer. Koch believes some of his wines ultimately were from Rodenstock and are counterfeits. We are not talking about a $15, $60 or $300 dollar bottle of wine. Thousands of dollars are at stake. “The Billionaire’s Vinegar” leaves readers with a dilemma, were Rodenstock’s Jefferson wines counterfeit or not? May the right party win.

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