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Wines for Thanksgiving

Whether or not you have planned your Thanksgiving menu, consider serving a sparkling wine or a cranberry wine, maybe even a late harvest or ice wine. A sparkling wine is light and cleanses the palate, and easily complements the traditional heavy Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, a cranberry wine carries through on the Thanksgiving theme. A late harvest wine or an ice wine would be a perfect ending for the meal.

When choosing a sparkling wine, remember there is a full range from dry to sweet. Sparkling wines can be as good or better than Champagne. Take the opportunity to visit wineries that offer tastings of sparkling wines before deciding on your purchase.

Cranberry wines can also be delightful and again there is a range of cranberry wines. This past week I tasted a cranberry wine that reminded me of cranberry juice. It was light and fruity. When looking for a cranberry wine, I prefer a wine produced with 100 percent fruit. While cranberry wines may be produced with additives and cherry extracts, the 100 percent cranberry fruit just sounds healthier.

If you visit someone for Thanksgiving, any of the above types of wine would be a perfect gift to the host.

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