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Champagne and Sparkling Wine

Yesterday our daughter mentioned a bottle of champagne she purchased to share with friends. Her comment was, “It was terrible. It was a brut and only $12 but it was bad.” Interesting comment as many people drink champagne during the holidays.

How much should you spend for a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine? I doubt there is any one price that says the champagne is good or bad. It reminds me of attending my sister’s wedding and sipping champagne as a teenager. It was terrible and at the time I wondered why anyone would celebrate with something as terrible tasting as champagne. Years later I discovered that champagne can be delicious.

Unfortunately many wineries do not offer tastings of champagne or sparkling wines. Once a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine is opened, the bubbles quickly dissipate and most wineries feel they cannot afford to open a bottle just for a tasting. It is expensive due to the labor and extensive time it takes to create any type of champagne and that adds to the cost.

When visiting wineries, if you have the opportunity to taste champagne or sparkling wines take the opportunity to taste it. You will discover that there are many good champagnes and sparkling wines. Be sure to note the ones you like in your wine journal so that you will be able to purchase them and know they will be good.

If you are purchasing champagne or sparkling wine at a wine store, notice the name of the winery and read any available comments. Both will give you a clue as to the quality of the wine and of course ask the competent staff what they would suggest within your budget.


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