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Lookout Ridge’s Wine for Wheels

I always find it inspiring to discover people who are committed to a charitable cause and go above and beyond in helping. So I was curious when I heard about Lookout Ridge’s Wine for Wheels program. Lookout Ridge is located in California. Gordon Holmes, owner of Lookout Ridge has created a portfolio of winemakers and by focusing on each one’s specialty, the winery is able to offer limited quantities of award winning wines. These are cult wines produced by renowned winemakers. Winemakers in the portfolio include Richard Arrowood, Cathy Corison, Marco DiGiulio, Andy Erickson, Greg La Follette, Drew Neiman, Aaron Pott, and Gerhard Reisacher. Wines are available on the website or by phone.

Gordon Holmes donates a wheelchair to someone in the world for every bottle of the Current Releases. With so many children, young adults and adults unable to move from place to place on their own, a wheelchair increases their mobility and their sense of self worth. For purchases of a case of Library Wines, one wheelchair is donated. Wines are available on the website or by phone. Consider ordering a bottle or case of the wines available and helping provide a wheelchair to someone in need. Check the Lookout Ridge website for details. You may wish to contribute towards the purchase of a wheelchair by donating directly to this worthy cause. A link is available on the Lookout Ridge website.

Kudos to Gordon Holmes, winery owner and philanthropist, who helps individuals by donating one wheelchair at a time. Gordon is making a difference in our world today.

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