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In Support of New York Wines

An unfortunate remark by New York State Senator Diane Savino about a New York wine she drank has led to shockwaves throughout the New York state wine industry. According to an article on the Democrat and Chronicle website, Senators Defend N.Y. Wines, Finger Lakes Winery, Senator Savino told Elizabeth Benjamin of New York Daily News blog The Daily Politics,  “I like to shake them up a bit, keep them off-balance,” Benjamin quoted Savino as saying. “There were several double-takes, it was quite funny. … I ate their salami and told Jim Alesi to wrap it up for the Senate lounge, and I drank their wine; it was wretched.” As it turns out, the senator seems to believe she was making a joke but some remarks should never be made. As the old saying goes, diplomacy is the best policy.

No matter what transpired or why, what is more significant is the reaction of the winery industry including Gene Pierce of Glenora Wine Cellars and Peter Saltonstall, Chairman of the New York Wine and Grape Foundation. The Democrat and Chronicle article quoted Pierce, “I’m not terribly concerned,” said Gene Pierce, owner of Glenora and Knapp Vineyards Winery. “… Rather than an apology, I’d much rather have her … visit all of us.” The article continues, “He said he planned to invite her to visit Glenora and other Finger Lakes wineries.According to Tamara Lindstrom in New York Wineries Take a Hit from Unexpected Guest on the News10 Now website, “Saltonstall recommends they all take a deep breath and enjoy a glass of wine.”

We have discovered that in our many contacts with wineries, winemakers and owners, there is a sharing among wineries and winemakers that one does not normally find in the business and political worlds. While winemakers will compete to make the best wines, it is still all done in the spirit of friendliness and good will. Congratulations to Gene Pierce and Peter Saltonstall for continuing to prove this point.

Cheers, Kathy


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