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A Return Visit to Barrel Oak Winery

Yesterday, we made a return trip to Barrel Oak Winery in Virginia. This was for a special event where we met other bloggers and wine barrel owners. This was the first time we had the opportunity to visit Barrel Oak since it opened last June. When we had visited the winery a few days before it opened, the owners and workers were rushing to complete the structure for opening day. Therefore, for us it was delightful to see the winery and tasting room in operation yesterday.

The atmosphere at Barrel Oak is friendly and lively. Solid wood tables are available in the tasting room for visitors to gather around with friends and family. A section of the tasting room was set up for a music event in the evening. The overhead loft is a little quieter and presents a cozy atmosphere with a fireplace and nearby leather sofas. Small tables are available close to the balcony providing a nice view of the tasting room. A number of paintings decorating the tasting room are available to enjoy and for purchase.

Our event was downstairs near the stainless steel tanks. A table provided a selection of ham and appetizers and the second table provided desserts including cheesecake, strawberries and grapes.

If you are a dog lover or owner, this winery is especially for you. Yesterday we saw several dog owners with their pets on leashes. We met a Yorkie, two Pomperians and a St. Bernard. We learned from the Yorkie’s owner that the Yorkie prefers wine to beer.

If you haven’t been to Barrel Oak Winery yet, consider a visit there in the coming weeks. If you enjoy participating in winery events, this winery has events almost every week.

Cheers! Kathy

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